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​7 Gifts To Make Any Tech Lover Drool

Know a tech
lover of sorts? Well, these 7 edgy tech gifts might just be for them this
Christmas season

Christmas season is here once again and
if you are looking for techy presents, we have got 10 ideas for you to fit most


Ninebot One

Yes, because walking is overrated, so
why walk when you have the Ninebot One? Zoom from one location to another
without breaking a sweat. Controls are easy to manage, but for those who have a
balancing issue, you might want to consider wearing a helmet, elbow and knee
guards to break your impending fall as this baby can go up to speeds of 22km/h.
The Ninebot One weighs 12.8kg and on a single charge can travel up to 35km.

US$854 (SG$1199)


2. BB-8 Droid

Gift the gift of the force with Sphero’s
BB8! Any Star Wars fan will appreciate having a droid following his or her
every move, while providing hours of entertainment. No Jedi force is needed to
control the BB8, but a companion mobile companion compatible with both iOS and
Android instead. Built into this little droid is adaptive behavior and
personality technology, meaning the more you play with the BB8, the more it
learns how to interact with you. Aside from just roving around, it is able to
answer to voice commands and it even has holographic capabilities.



Sony Z5 Premium

Sony’s Z5 Premium is vastly different
from the rest not only due to its shiny finish but also because of its swanky
4K 5.5” UHD display. Powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 3GB worth of RAM and
a large battery capacity of 3430mAh, the Z5 Premium is on a class of its own.
Looking this great can’t hurt a little too!



Amazon Echo

Iron Man has his artificially
intelligent side-kick named J.A.R.V.I.S, and Amazon has its very own. The
virtual assistant device is named Amazon Echo that can do almost everything J.A.R.V.I.S
can – sadly. Alexa is her name, she is the virtual assistant that is voice
activated in Amazon’s Echo. Get Alexa to convert measurements while your hands
are dirty, do up a shopping list or even find out what is trending online for Christmas
this season.

Just one tiny glitch, it might not be
able to pick up Asian accents so well – So get ready to give your best Benedict
Cumberbatch impression to get Alexa’s attention.



ASUS Selfie

Know of a selfie queen or someone
obsessed with taking pictures? Well, then you have got to check the ASUS
ZenFone Selfie out. It is one of the only Smartphone that has a 13MP
front-facing camera with an 88 degree wide angle lens feature, perfect for
selfies or even wefies!

Also, if you are residing in Singapore
and want to get your hands on this, we are having a contest! Check it out




Already into its 3
generation, NEST is a Smart Thermostat for your home – No one likes to come
home to a warm or freezing cold home! Control the temperature of your home with
NEST’s companion mobile application that will not only help you save energy,
but also learns and adapts to your energy usage. NEST has a nifty Auto-Away
feature that detects when you are away and will shut itself down to save even
more energy.

If you are looking for some addition to
your Smarthome arsenal, do check out
It is one of the most affordable multi-coloured Smarthome light bulbs you can
get your hands on.



Apple Watch

This gadget needs no introduction,
Apple’s latest wrist accessory the Apple Watch. Nope, the hype for this prized
possession is still not over. Change your life with health applications that
keep track of your physical movements, be kept in the know of all your social
media notifications (if your friends don’t find it annoying due to your
incessant need to check your wrist) and essentially control your Smartphone
with a simple tap or swipe on the Apple Watch. However, do note that this
Smartwatch is only compatible with the Apple iPhone.

Starting from US$349



By Geralyne Kaye /December 9, 2015 4:19PM
GMT+8 Singapore



Update as of December 11, 2015 3:45PM GMT +8 Singapore:

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