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100 Ways Tech Can Make Your Drinks Taste Better

this device, you can now do away with cumbersome cocktail recipe books and
Googling for specific cocktail recipes

Whip up cocktails like a professionally
trained bartender at your party with this ingenious connected device named the Mix Stix. With over 100 recipes pre-installed into the Mix Stix and
its companion mobile application, you can be rest assured that you will mix
drinks to impress your guests.

Whether it is an iced cold Mai Tai, Long
Island Iced Tea, Old Fashioned or even a Cosmopolitan, the Mix Stix has you
covered. Simply chose a cocktail from the library of cocktail recipes on the
companion mobile application and almost instantaneously, the Mix Stix will light
up in a myriad of colours. Each coloured light on the Mix Stix represents an
ingredient, just pour in the ingredients as necessary and your perfect cocktail
is made!

You would be glad to know that, at the
end of the Mix Stix are rubber spikes that allow for mashing up mint leaves or
lemon peels – there goes needing a bashing equipment of sorts like the
end of a rolling pin to make a good Mojito.

The companion mobile application can
also recommend, by way of filtering what drinks you can make based on what
liquor you have on hand. The Mix Stix is made with food grade silicon which
makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

Furthermore, it would be a much easier
time to host the cocktail party as you now no longer have to man or hire a
bartender. Just lay out the liquor arsenal on a table with some Mix Stixs and
leave your guest to explore the device and concoct their own drinks with their
preference of poison.


Mix Stix can be found on Kickstarter and
while most of its early bird promotions have been sold out, you can still get
your hands on them. It is currently going for US$39 for one Mix Stix, ships
internationally for an additional small fee. So what are you waiting for
cocktail aficionados? Go check them out 



By Geralyne Kaye / October 26, 2015 10:07AM GMT+8


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