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20,000 Game Lovers Met Her At GamesStart Asia

Our nerves were tinkling as we stepped into GameStart
2016 for our hands-on review, this took place in Singapore’s Suntec Convention
Centre over a three-day period from the 7-10 October and what a weekend it was.
Tech Storm was there as GameStart 2016’s supporting Media Partner for the
second year running and the event did not disappoint 20,000 game lovers who
visited the event.

A snaking line of eager fans
awaiting GameStart to open their doors

Gamers, cosplayers and tech fans packed into
the convention hall eager to try out games not yet released such as Gears of
War 4 and Final Fantasy 15, show off elaborate costumes that took hours to
create or even check out the latest in gaming technology.

Gears of War 4 on display

E-Sports also had a spotlight with
South-East Asia’s very first Street Fighter tournament hosted by Sony and an
Overwatch tournament hosted by Armageddon with teams competing for thousands of

Tech Storm also observed the ways that the
gaming industry has taken advantage of the advancement in technology to create
compelling game experiences and to change the way that we interact with games. Stifled,
a game created Singaporean developers Gattai Games uses echo-location, virtual
reality and voice to create an immersive, terrifying experience where the
environment and enemies around you are revealed only when you make noises such
as your footfalls or even your screams. Naturally, enemies are also quicker to
locate you based on how much noise you make.

This creates an incredibly tense experience
where you balance decisions on a knife’s edge such as, “I need to find my way
out, but I’ve made too much noise and I know they are almost on me.” Stifled
has been greenlit by the Steam community and should be available on Steam Early
Access soon.

in games

Daylight Studios alongside Ubisoft, The
Gentlebros and Digipen (Singapore). Took to the stage to talk about games
development as a Start-up, why they avoided joining large gaming companies and
how gratifying it was to see their struggles, hard-work and passion paying off
with great sales and reviews on by gaming personalities and gamers alike.


Gaming fans had the opportunity to test out
highly anticipated upcoming titles from huge franchises such as Gears of War 4
and Final Fantasy 15 at GameStart. Across all 3 days, there were crowds waiting
in line to get a taste of these games before becoming available to the public.

Xbox held a tournament pitting teams against
each other in a best of 3 where the winners walk away with full copies of Gears
of War 4 and there was no shortage of sign-ups.

Teams blasting away at each
other to win a free copy of Gears of War 4

Final Fantasy 15 had a perpetual crowd
around the two Playstation 4s set-up by Sony to the point where foot traffic
slowed and I have to admit to spending some time there myself.


Street-fighter is one of the most revered
and recognizable games available in any e-sports competition where mechanical
skill and knowledge allied with almost inhuman reaction times decide who the
winner is. For the first time in South-East Asia, Sony hosted a major
street-fighter tournament.

Overwatch, a massively popular team based
First Person Shooter (FPS) created by Blizzard Entertainment, also took to the
stage with skilled teams battling it out for prize and prestige. 

A massive audience gathering as
competitors gear up for battle

technology and the future

It is no secret that games are very quick to
take advantage of new technology such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and
Motion sensors such as Microsoft’s Kinect. But what is interesting is how
technology, companies and even education are exploring gamification as a
concept and how it can be applied to solve real problems in the world or even
improve the way things are done.

Examples can be found in universities
awarding points based on merit as opposed to taking away points for every
mistake which has been found to be a morale loss and demotivational. Businesses
such as Samsung nation which rewards loyalty and engagement, The U.S army
utilizing the game America’s Army for recruit are examples of how businesses
are also turning to gamification.

By Nicholas Ho / 10 October, 2016
00:00AM GMT+8 Singapore

Disclaimer: The above images and
trademarks are the sole and exclusive properties of their respective owners and
are reproduced herein for the purpose of fair criticism and review.

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