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3 Apps To Beat CNY Boredom!

We aim to entertain; even if it is Chinese New Year.

The ceremonies and red packets have been
exchanged, fake smiles put into full gear and the grandparents are going on and
on about the pioneer generation package. There you are in the same spot year
after year, watching reruns on TV while munching goodies and bored out of your
mind. (
You are not alone~)

Well, here are some awesomely curated apps
for you to help manage your boredom. With some help from your Smartphone and
mankind’s greatest invention after the air conditioning system – the Internet.



Image Credit: Nubee Tokyu


is it:
God of Fortune themed app similar to the
addictive coin dozer game. This is the virtual version of coin dozer that is
commonly found at carnivals and arcades!


Image Credit: Nubee Tokyu


to use it:
Drop golden coins (by tapping on your
screen) on to the dozer to push coins and other special prizes your way.
Collect as many special prizes as possible and once you have a full set you are
able to exchange it for special collectables. If your coin gets dropped into
the dozer’s pot holes (one on each side of the slanted ramp), you will trigger
the jack pot. If lucky, you could win more coins or other special prizes.


Image Credit: Nubee Tokyu


Scoot over Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga!
Time for something else to take the reign this Chinese New Year. The game is
rather addictive; we can vouch for this considering we wasted 10 minutes of our
lives playing and laughing at the app (collectively – 40 minutes was wasted).
The music accompanying this game is also worth a mention. If you thought
commercial jingles are annoying, wait till you listen to this app’s background
music; it is so EPIC that it will surely set your grandparents talking or maybe
even playing!

Overall Rating: 



New Year 2015 Frames

Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


is it:
A picture editing app that is loaded with
Chinese New Year themed frames and stickers for your pictures.


Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


to use it:
Simply go into the ‘Camera’ tab and tap
‘Chinese Frames’. After which, choose a suitable frame by swiping left and snap
away! There are even stickers for you to place on your pictures, just like you
would do to a neoprint but on your phone. All files will be saved on the app
and you will be able to share it with your friends and family via Facebook,
Instagram, LINE or even Whatsapp. 


Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


As ‘ching
as this app seems to be, it is actually rather well designed. There
are even a few frames that are themed alongside this year’s Chinese zodiac
animal; the ram. Can’t wait to try this out with our families this coming
Chinese New Year, the elder folk are going to be amazed and we get them singing
our praises, so why not?

Overall rating: 


Dress Photo Montage

Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


is it:
Developed by the same company as the Chinese
New Year 2015 Frame app, this is another photo editing app that emphasizes that
you don’t have to be slender to be the perfect Chinese goddess. (Goodbye annual
CNY goodie deprival diet – Now pass the pineapple tarts!)


Our Tech Storm team member put on a brave front to volunteer for this shot!
Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


to use it:
Similar to the previous app, go into the
‘Camera’ tab and tap ‘Dress Frames’. Choose a perfect frame by swiping left.
There are choices from cheongsams to costumes right out of a Hong Kong Drama


Here she is again! Posing with a picturesque backdrop.
Image Credit: Fancy Photo Frames


This app is so way over the top and of such
large epic proportions that you
have to
download it.
Perfect for gagging your ‘favourite’ uncle and aunty. Pictures
taken with this app can also be easily shared on social media, so imagine the
possibilities – especially if their red packet contribution to your fund went
down this year. *ahem*

Overall Rating: 



Hang in there with the incessant questions
posed by the once-a-year and no-occasion-no-see relatives who think they have
got it all together (you and I know they don’t). We have got something coming
your way to save your soul from the crazies! For now, busk in the joy of the
shopping you can do with the red packet fund and let the feasting season begin!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / February 16, 2015 10:00AM GMT+8

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