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3 Cool Apps Discovered, You’ll Never Guess Where From

Save more money in your bills, poll your friends easily and organise events using less time!


We attended Tech In Asia’s event yesterday at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, it was packed with many startups, but three apps stood out, which we will actually try using. The event was 6-7 May 2015, and today is the last day. Here are the apps from startups which we discovered to be pretty useful:

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Ivis Energy Monitoring System

The interface of this app is easy to use and understand, and it does the work of monitoring exactly where you use your spend the most energy in. This is very useful if you want to save money in your electrical bills, but do not know where to start. Ivis shows you real time graphs and statistics of your energy usage, so the graph is always moving. Live readings in terms of cost, kWh and CO2 emissions are portrayed, and makes you feel a little better about saving a little bit more of our earth with every bit of energy you saved with this app. Have friendly competitions with your friends by comparing the energy you saved using the in-app scoreboards. The app will notify you of suggestions on how to save more energy when the graph changes. What we love about Ivis is that the analytics displayed are graphical, and not in boring tables. The visuals are attractive and easy to understand too.

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Pollbook polling app

Ever realise that Facebook, Twitter and conventional forum boards can’t do effective polls? Partly the reason is that they are too feature packed, so people are easily distracted by other interesting things. Conventional forum boards also have a unattractive layout, which makes us feel like we do not want to take part in it. Pollbook is different, it is a whole app that mainly focuses on polls. Have a bugging question on your mind, like “Who is the hottest girl in our school?”. Add your friends from Facebook into Pollbook, ask them the question, and sit back and browse through the answers as they come in! Other things you can do with it, is to write a post, tag photos, and allow suggestions. It has some features of major social networking sites, just not too much. Have fun with polling again with Pollbook!


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Leggo Event Organiser

Leggo is an app developed by young people, for young people (namely, university students). They found that using Whatsapp or Facebook groups, or worse, email, is not a very efficient way to organise events and hangouts with friends. There is a lot of back-and-forth with many different people, and it gets more complicated when the group is larger. Leggo solves the problem by showing you where all the socialites from your school hang out, so you do not have to search for new places! So, with the venue problem solved, the thing to decide is the time of the hang out. Leggo lets you vote for different timings and the timing with the most votes wins. We found this is a lot easier than other event organising apps or software. 


Leggo also works with different cool bars and cafes that lets you get an exclusive discount when you are with Leggo. All these are focused on the college student market, and now only students currently studying in a Singapore University can sign up. There is nothing like a big discount from your favourite bars and events. Leggo will unlock on 17th May. The university that gets 300 downloads by then will get a free pass to Altimate and access to exclusive perks from top bars and cafes in the town.



By Chan Shu Hui / May 7, 2015 11:33AM GMT+8


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