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3 Reasons Why You Should Fire Your Tour Guide

With Samsung’s Augmented Reality (AR), who needs a tour guide in Singapore when your Smartphone can be transformed into one?

Culture Explorer, the first-of-its-kind fully interactive AR mobile application
by Samsung that facilitates understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s
heritage landmarks. Samsung has selected Singapore as the first country in
Southeast Asia to launch the app.

to know more about Singapore’s famous landmarks like the National Museum of
Singapore, Singapore Botanic Gardens and Victoria Theatre & Victoria
Concert Hall, is now as simple as point and read. In the coming months, Culture
Explorer is looking to include The Arts House and Raffles Hotel in the list.

©Samsung. Reproduced for review only.

carefully curated app is built in collaboration with the National heritage
Board and National parks Board and with strong support from the
Singapore Nation Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization – So you can be rest assured that information
nuggets on the app are detailed and accurate.

Explorer lets you know where the other heritage landmarks are and brings the
user back in time to see the changes the landmark as undergone over the years. Old
images and history nuggets that appear as you explore around the landmark allows
users to appreciate and understand more about its rich heritage.

from being interactive and informative, there is an in-app feature named Time
Travel. This feature allows you to superimpose your very own image onto the
pictures of these heritage landmarks and share it with your friends on social

mobile app, Culture Explorer is available for download on the Google Play



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 28,
2015 4:40PM GMT+8


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trademarks are the sole and exclusive properties of their respective owners and
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