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4 Cool Things You Never Knew About Pioneer’s New Multimedia Receiver

Now you can text, map and enjoy music safely while you drive!

We attended the launch event of Pioneer’s new Multimedia
Receiver AVH-X8750BT yesterday, and it looks like this is going to
revolutionise how people use technology in their cars. Remember the phrase
“Open Sesame” and the door would magically open by itself? Now, it is an easy
thing to do using Pioneer’s new car multimedia receiver. It incorporates a
touch screen which you can use when you are not driving, but the main feature
is its “Siri” voice capability which activates your desired action on the multimedia
receiver so you are able to do many kinds of actions with just a verbal order.
Why is it so cool? We at Tech Storm rounds up our favourite things about the


It does your bidding

We all like to accomplish as many things as possible with
the most minimal of effort. Talking takes the least effort, compared to
manually moving our body even for a bit to accomplish an action. When you are
in the car, just face your multimedia receiver and say “Hey Siri”, then say
“Give me directions to the nearest cafe”, and the screen will automatically
change to that of Apple Maps, plotting the way so it is very easy to get there (nevermind
if other people think you are talking to yourself).


We can live longer

Many car accidents are caused by the driver being intoxicated,
and being on the phone while driving. With new technologies like this multimedia
receiver emerging, the road will be a safer place for all. However, we still
think it is a funny sight if in the future everyone who drives are seen to
always talk to a machine which answers back, repeating what you just said. With
fewer car accidents on the road because of the voice capability of the multimedia
receiver, we all live longer lives.

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Connect it to your Apple or Android phones and use your favourite apps

You now have an even bigger screen to use your smartphone in your car! You can use Pioneer’s AppRadio Mode, a software that connects your Apple and Android phones to the receiver. Use your favourite apps right on the big and clear car receiver touchscreen. The free App Radio app can be downloaded in the Apple and Google Play store.

Cinema in your car

How cool is it when you can sit back in your car and get comfortable to watch your favourite movie, maybe the movie Fast and Furious in your car? This multimedia receiver has a big screen that boosts compatibility with the most number of full HD video codecs available, and the audio output is above CD quality. It is like having your own cinema.

The Pioneer AVH-X8750BT Multimedia Receiver is being sold in Pioneer authorized dealers now at S$1099.



By Chan Shu Hui / April 30, 2015 11:33AM GMT+8


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