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4 Reasons Why Driving Half A Car Is Cool

Do you always have difficulty in finding parking spots that are big enough for your car?


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How about finding it hard to breathe when you are walking along a road that is jammed packed with cars in the morning rush hour? The 
EO Smart Connecting Car 2 (EOscc2), is looking to solve problems like these. 


Parallel parking no more

The wheels on the EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is able to rotate a full 90 degrees, which makes the car able to move sideways easily, how cool is that? Parallel parking will be made obsolete, making the lives of many people taking driving lessons quite a breeze. 


Multiple cars can dock to each other 

These special cars have a special docking system that can let you connect to each other, provided that all the cars are of the same kind. You can connect all the cars in one straight line, so that it looks like a train. Once your car is docked, you can let go of the steering wheel and relax, and even read the newspaper while you are at it. As this is more streamlined, it saves more electricity than when each car travels by its own. It is always more fun with more people making a trip together, therefore the more cars connected together, the merrier!

©Robotics Innovation Center. Reproduced for review only.

Park easier and save space

Imagine a car that is about the length of a bicycle? That is totally possible, as this car is also able to shrink itself when it is needed to, by a whole 80 centimetres. This makes it easy to be able to park your car even in very limited spaces. Think about transformer cars in the near future!


Breathe easier

Using only electricity to power this car, look forward to a much cleaner world in the future to come. It charges fully in just 4 hours, and can travel 44 miles with that. As its maximum speed is 40 mph, this car is so far only suited to be driven around within the city, not from city to city. 


It belongs to the future

The look of the EO Smart Connecting Car 2 comes straight out of a science fiction movie, just that it is not a flying car (yet). With its super tiny body, sleek shape, shiny white casing, and its doors folded up when it is opening like a high end sports car makes it stand out on today’s roads in a good way. 



By Chan Shu Hui / May 19, 2015 4:55PM GMT+8


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