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4 Reasons Why The New Macbook Pro Is Cool!

A better trackpad, longer battery life, more powerful processors and a faster flash drive for the new Macbook Pro from Apple!

Apple fans unite, as Apple has just released a new Macbook Pro, albeit a little secretly, we should say. It has a better trackpad, longer battery life, more powerful processors and a faster flash drive than the previous model of the Macbook Pro. There are quite many useful feature improvements, so you might think it will be worth it to upgrade your laptop soon. 

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Better trackpad

Apple’s newest trackpad creation, named Force Touch Trackpad, first debuted in the new Macbook (the one that is super thin and light you could not believe it). Now, the 13-inch Macbook Pros have them too. With this new Force Touch Trackpad, you will be able to click anywhere on the touchpad with ease, even at the most top or bottom of the touchpad, as it now works with four sensors. In previous versions, it is difficult to click on the touchpad when your finger is positioned on the near edges of the touchpad. Also, a light press and a deep press will call out different actions on the Macbook Pro, for example, a light press will click on the link and open it, a deep press will add that link into your bookmarks bar. You can set other options for each click too. The trackpad also does not physically move now, when clicked. Instead, a Taptic Engine works with the trackpad so that it feels the same, just that it does not really move. Looks like using the trackpad is going to be much easier, with the ability to execute more commands!

©Apple. Reproduced for review only.

Longer battery life

We will always welcome a longer battery life, no matter what. Apple increased the battery life from 8 hours in the previous Macbook Pro, to 9 hours. What you did not know is that because of the smaller size of the new trackpad, it allowed them to be able to put a bigger battery into the Macbook Pro. Time for a celebration!


Faster flash drive

Your new Macbook Pro 13-inch flash drive is going to be a whole 2 times faster than its predecessors.  That is pretty impressive.


More powerful processors

Expect a little faster processor in this new Macbook Pro, as various benchmark tests have proved 3 to 7% performance improvements. It is still using Broadwell chips though, but due to Broadwell’s improvements in battery life and efficiency, Macbook Pro is able to perform a little better than before. A little is still better than nothing.


You can get the newest Macbook Pro with Retina Display from the
Apple Shop, at S$1688, S$1988 and S$2388. 


By Chan Shu Hui / May 20, 2015 4:55PM GMT+8


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