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5 Apps That Could Make or Break Your Vacation!

Enjoy your vacation while these apps work for you

June is almost here and this means it’s
time for a well-deserved mid-year break! While going on a vacation is all about
relaxing and exploring the city or town you are at. Thanks to the mundane task
of packing your luggage, planning the itinerary and the horrid experience of getting
lost at train terminals (especially when you don’t understand the native language),
sometimes a holiday gets you more stressed out than ever.

To ensure that this does not happen, here
are our top travel app picks to ensure that being lost and bored is the last
thing you will be on you next trip!


with PackPoint

©PackPoint. Reproduced for review only.

Before we get all giggly and excited for
the trip, we need to get down to the dreaded packing or the trip. With the app
PackPoint, packing can now be a little less of a hassle. This app helps you
compile a list of the essentials to bring on your vacation depending on
activities you will be participating in.

©PackPoint. Reproduced for review only.

PackPoint will also let you know of the
predicted weather conditions during your visit and you are able to share the
packing list with those travelling with you via email, Facebook or other
message apps. PS – Do remember to send a copy of the list to yourself too, so
that you can have a final check on what is in your bag right before leaving for
the airport!


with Trip Advisor


Trip Advisor has got to be one of the most
important and reliable apps you must have when on a vacation because it works
perfectly online and offline as well. Regular travellers like us rate the best
things to do, places to visit or stay and eat in a country. So when it is rated
the number one activity to do in say Singapore, it really is!


Aside from just rating and having traveller
review their experience, Trip Advisor also recommends places of interest and
activities they feel might be of interest to you based on your previous
searches. The best feature is that even when you do not have Wi-Fi, you are
able to get info on places that you have bookmarked.


it Safe with Time Out City Guides

If Trip Advisor doesn’t have what you are
looking for, try Time Out City Guides which also has content available offline.
While Trip Advisor gives you an overview of the best activities to do as rated
by other travellers, Time Out City Guides recommend you places to go, things to
see and places to dine at with a rather hipster vibe. It focuses more on what
is trending now – like hip cafes, local eateries, arts, nightlife and other
activities that will make your trip memorable.


with Wi-Fi Finder

©Wi-Fi Finder. Reproduced for review only.

The myth is true! If your travel images did not make it on social media, it did not happen. So if you are not planning on getting your hands on a SIM card during the trip, you should get this app pre-installed to help you locate Wi-Fi spots near your current location.


Proceed with Hailo

Heading somewhere and need a cab? Hailo is
a simple to use taxi booking app that is now available in more than 20 cities
worldwide – These include London, Liverpool, Singapore, Tokyo and Barcelona.
Works like magic if you ask us! This app will detect the nearest available
drivers around you, gives you an approximate fare and notifies you of an
approximate time for.


Go on, give these apps a try so that you
can start your holiday on the right foot! Last tip, don’t forget to bring your
power bank for juice on-the-go – no one wants to be stuck with a lifeless
mobile device!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 12, 2015 4:55PM GMT+8


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