Make being a new mom
easier with technology!

Being a new mom comes with exciting challenges, and if you
are tech geek and a new mom yourself, the newest technology has you covered in
making this journey even more easy and enjoyable. We are confident that did not
know that some of these amazing technology for new moms even existed, til now!
So go ahead, wow them with these out of the world gifts. Some tech gifts you
can get for yourself (or your friend who is a new mom) this Mother’s Day are:


Itzbeen Baby Care

Never forget to feed, change the diapers or put your baby to
sleep again. This timer will ring when the time to feed your baby and other
essential activities. It is for busy mothers who have a lot on their plate, and
now you can put your mind to rest by knowing your baby is happy and well fed.
As the name of the product shows, “Itzbeen” taken care of! 


Mimo Baby Monitor

Have you ever come across a turtle which is not only very
smart, but also loves your baby? Use Mimo’s baby monitor to, well, monitor your
baby and you can see how the turtle can help you take care of your baby. The
monitor is shaped in the form of a turtle, which sticks to your baby’s kimono.
It sends information like your baby’s breathing, sleeping position, sleep
activity and skin temperature right to your smartphone! Know your baby is
sleeping well and be at ease, even when you halfway across the world. 


Ritmo Pregnancy Audio

©Ritmo. Reproduced for review only.

Want to rock out to your favourite music with your baby? And
nope, your baby is not out yet, but is still resting in your womb! The special
belt has amplifiers especially for your unborn beauty and you too, so you can
share music with it and thus bond with it intimately. Science says babies who
listen to music often become smarter in the long run, so be smart and get this
gift for your little loved one. 


Pacifier Thermometer

©Summer Infant. Reproduced for review only.

Do you find it difficult to keep
your baby still when you try to take his temperature? Now you do not need to
fret, when you have this thermometer which looks just like a pacifier.
Actually, it is also a usable pacifier. All babies love their pacifiers, and
none of them will know that you are secretly taking their temperature while
keeping them pacified at the same time. Sneaky right? This makes it easier to
know if your baby will need more Tender Loving Care when he has a fever.


Baby Food Maker

©Beaba. Reproduced for review only.

Baby food is actually quite easy to make, but you would want
a specialised machine to do just that, so it becomes even easier. There are
many different types of baby food makers on the market, and you can choose the
one that suits you the best. Mom is happy, which makes baby happy too. 



By Chan Shu Hui / April 29, 2015 10:35AM GMT+8


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the purpose of fair criticism and review.

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