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5 Gadgets To Get For Mum!

Day is fast approaching and if you still have not got any ideas for a perfect
gift, here are 5 gadgets to consider!

Mother’s Day gifts do not necessarily only mean flowers and
a nice meal in a fancy restaurant. Here are 5 tech gadgets ideas that will make
even the most Luddite woman of the household a happy recipient.

For The Green Thumbed Mum

This is a sure fine way to get into mum’s good books, especially if she is into gardening. Click & Grow is a Smart garden that uses NASA-inspired technology to grow plants that require minimal effort but assured success. Choose from a variety of seeds to plant, from beautiful flowers, tomatoes and herbs. In addition, they are pesticide, fungicide, insecticide and plant hormone free, making these plants as good for the environment as they will be for mum – or you.

Price: SG$90 (US$69.95) includes free shipping and 3 basil plants.

For The Fit Mum

If mum is constantly on-the-go and loves to keep her fitness in check, this would be the stylist gadget to get her. Meet Mira, a Smart fitness wearable that tracks your calories, steps, distance and elevation while being all so sleek and fashionable. Aside from tracking, Mira’s companion mobile application gives you personalised recommendations and healthy tips to keep you on top of your game.

Price: SG$228 (US$169) 

For The Scientific Mum

‘Designs from under the microscope,’ that is what
UPROSA is all about – capturing the beauty of nature from the smallest possible
specimen upward. From Smartphone covers to MacBook covers, UPROSA offers a wide
range of unique prints that are captivating scientific images bursting with
colour to suit any type of lifestyle. What’s more, profits will be shared with
the contributing scientist to help fund their research. Available on Gofiee.com   

Price: SG$38 (GB$19.90)

For The Tech Savvy Mum

NAO if mum is a sci-fi geek and money is not an
issue, then you could totally consider this gadget. NAO is a small humanoid robot
that not only understands commands, but can be programmed to your whim and
fancy if either you or mum has a command of the coding language.

Price: Upon Request

For The Master Chef Mum

This is for the mum who loves cooking and
experimenting in the kitchen, Anova’s Precision Cooker is a Smart sous vide
kitchen equipment for the home. No crazy or fancy sophisticated system here, just
attach it to a pot of water and you are all set to use it right away. For the
version that has in-built Wi-Fi, mum will be able to control it with its
companion mobile application even when at work or supermarket.

Price: SG$242 (US$179) and SG$269 (US$199)
for the Wi-Fi enabled version

By Wayne Chng / 2 May, 2016 00:00AM GMT+8 Singapore

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