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5 Reasons To Hate Valentine’s Day

Unless you are Brangelina.

So if
you do want to be a
Brangelina, get
some help from our ever endearing cupid this year. Cupid’s gone high tech and
is now shooting love arrows from an app.

Valentine’s Day there is no reason to mope around when this could very well be
best opportunity in the year to find someone. If successful, it could lead to
many other firsts as well 😡 For those who already have a partner in crime, we
also have the perfect thing to help amp up the romance meter!

Here at
Tech Storm, we help in the only way we know how. We have tested 5 supposedly
hot apps that claim they are the king of their domains. Here’s how they fared: 


Let’s go

What is it: One of the most talked about dating apps in
Singapore and some say Batam. Paktor loosely translates to ‘going on a date’ in
Hokkien. The local dating app is an innovation by a group of 20-something likeminded
individuals who want to help solve the pains of meeting new people and making

How to use it: First things first. You need to let the app
know what you are looking for, there are options to filter by distance,
country, age, height, education level and even occupation. The app then uses
these conditions and starts filtering its data base to find a perfect match for
you. So if we were you, get your photoshop genius buddy to do some photo magic
for your profile picture. Just simply swipe the picture of a match to the left if
you are not interested or swipe right if you are.

If the
match you are interested in, is interested in you too, then you will get the
chance to start chatting and who knows? Maybe hit it right off! For those who
prefer to be a little more upfront and if you really like your match, you could
also send a direct message.

tested it and this is our verdict:
Took close to no
time downloading the app. But it took a load of time trying to get the filters
done up. Two hours and then four hours went by, no response from any of the
matches. An average of 200,000 matches a day and we are not one of the matches?
What luck is this? Mehs.

Overall Rating: 



me this.

Image Credit: Tinder

What is it: Tinder is an international dating app that
works 90% like Paktor.

How to use it: Like Paktor you have to fill up your filter
options first. Swipe a potential match left if it’s a no and swipe right if you
are interested. The matching process works the same as well. So chose the best
picture you possibly can as your display picture! The down side is that Tinder
doesn’t have that many filtering options, so you might be swiping awhile.

Image Credit: Tinder

because Tinder has been in the dating app scene a little longer than Paktor,
they have a wider International membership base. This translates to more
chances to find Mister or Miss perfect in any continent!

tested it and this is our verdict:
The rumours are
true. Tinder is exactly what you have heard and so much more. We’ve got an
interest match within the hour. However, instead of wanting to know us for all
my curves and imperfections. Our match only wanted to know how flexible and
active we are.

(FYI: We deleted
the app within the hour as well)



Not LOL but Love Out Loud (Asia)

Image Credit: Love Out Loud Asia

What is it: Don’t quite know what you are looking for in a prespective
match but looking for one at the same time? Well, that’s essentially what Love
Out Loud is all about. Fill out a super simple questionnaire in the preferences
page, then sit back and wait for the app to do its thing!

Image Credit: Love Out Loud Asia

What does it do:At 12 noon everyday you will be
given a match and there after the same rules of all dating apps apply; only
when both matches are interested would you get to talk to each other. If not, well
there is always another 12 noon tomorrow.

Image Credit: Love Out Loud Asia

tested it and this is our verdict:
Be smart, download
and activate the app at 11.45am. We were not so smart and had to wait an entire
21 hours before we could even do anything. It would be nice if the website made
absolutely clear that there was only going to be one match at 12 noon
daily. Well, the match was rather accurate but we don’t know how long we can
deal with just
ONE MATCH A DAY when other apps provide so much more. We
guess they are trying to go for quality over quantity?



We are Lovestruck!

Image Credit: Lovestruck

What is it: Lovestruck
is the one dating app that has been going around seven of the world’s busiest
cities, from New York City to Sydney and now Singapore.

What does it do:If you think that
Paktor has a ton of filters to help you find your perfect match, wait till you
listen to this! In Lovestruck’s advanced settings page it allows you to
literally micro filter your match from height, hair or eye colour, nationality,
ethnicity, religion, income, smoking habits, interests in sports, events and
even music. You are definitely bound to find someone out of the 75,000 members
they have in Singapore. To make things even easier Lovestruck is available on
both computer and app, meaning you can monitor your profile anytime and on the

Image Credit: Lovestruck

What makes lovestruck really stand out from
its competition is that they periodically organize mass dating or networking
meet ups. Like in the image below, the next event would be held at Loof this
coming Wednesday. So if you are a die heart romantic and prefer the old skool
way of meeting someone new (face to face), head on down to the event and
mingle! Perfect timing if I might say so myself, meet someone on Wednesday and
have the first date on Saturday!

Image Credit: Lovestruck

tested it and this is our verdict:
Finally an app
that is different;
we were getting bored
at all the promises.
Somehow this app feels a little dated, but dated in a
good way. There are many options to mingle and get to know new people rather than
just a swipe left or right. Really love how there are actual live events where
members can actually meet up in person. This may actually be the app where you
find your mate!

Overall Rating: 



For the
lovey dovey partners in crime; LoveByte

What is it: A dedicated private chat app that can only
be used between you and your special someone. Imagine whatsapp, your picture
gallery and calender all rolled into one just for you and bae.

does it do:
helps you count the days since both of you have met, chat with each other (it
even has its own comprehensive list of emoticons), allows you to share notes,
photos and even important dates (this is a blessing in disguise if updated
regularly). For those who prefer to have a little more privacy or have nosey
friends, you can password lock the app.


The most
unique feature gives you information on your partner’s location, last seen
status, battery left and the weather conditions on their end. These features
are supposed to bridge the gap on trust, however it somehow spells borderline
stalker-ish vibes to me. Thankfully, the inventors of this app also gives you
the option to turn them off. With over 237,000 downloads Lovebyte is the next
big couple friendly app!

tested it and this is our verdict:
LOVE the part
whereby you can insert important dates and the anniversary counter; muddle
heads can breathe freely now. However about the ‘additional information’, not
that any of us have anything to hide from our partners, but we do feel like
there should be a limit to closeness? Battery percentage, REALLY? Yikes. By the
way, we were wondering what happens to all the lovey dovey messages and photos
*ahem* after a break up. Hmm …

Overall Rating: 


the singles, don’t let this Valentine’s Day go to waste! Your valentine may
just be legitly around the corner and with these apps, the perfect Valentine’s
Day is a little closer! For the couples, amp up the romance and make this
Valentine’s Day plans so memorable your partner goes on talking about it for
the next few months.

may come in many different ways and forms. So even if you can’t find your Brad
to Angelina, gather that group of mates for dinner and have a blast. Who knows?
Maybe in the near future there could be our own local version of
rent-a-date! Ka-ching!


of love luck fellow techies!

– Team Tech Storm



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / February 10, 2015 9:00AM GMT+8

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