Did you know that your smartphone can
capture beautiful photos (even without filters)?

You might be used to just using your smartphone to capture point
and shoot moments and memories like that pepperoni-laden delicious looking
pizza or your face while working out. Follow these steps if you want to get
more of your smartphone camera!

Use the natural light

Being able to figure out where the light should be shining
on your photo subject produces a much more natural and beautiful effect to your
photos. If you use the exposure setting and try to tweak it when the photo is
under exposed, the after effect looks forced and fake. Using the natural
lighting to your advantage also lets you produce a magical effect to your
liking without the picture looking like you tried too hard.


How effects and
settings affect

When you look at photo showing a couple in a small boat
rowing across a calm river, what photo editing effects can you think of to add?
You might want to add a dreamy effect and some blurs in certain parts of the
picture to give that “I’m in a dream and I don’t want to wake up yet” feel.
Before snapping that photo, you can imagine how you are going to edit it to
give the audience a certain emotion when viewing the photo.


Know your camera

To know if a job fits you, you will have to try it out first
and do everything that the job requires, or else you will never know. To take
good photos, you will have to know your camera, all its nuts and bolts and
settings. Get to know your camera like your best friend, take photos with it
everywhere you go, and play with its settings. This way, you will know what
works and what does not work.

Know your subject

What are you focusing on for the photo? It might be a tree
because you are shooting for a nature collage. It might be sand on the beach
you are focusing on, with children playing in the background. The subject
should ideally be bigger than the other elements and centralised in the frame,
not to forget, to be focused! If possible, the colour and shape of the subject
should be different from the other elements.


The App store

An over-abundance of photo apps are available, and it doesn’t
matter if you are a fan of Apple or Android. You can do amazing things with
apps, although don’t overdo it, or it will be too obvious. Some great and
surprising things that you can do to your photos with apps are changing the
shutter speed, resizing the photo automatically while shooting and making your
own filter.


Have fun playing with your smartphone camera and soon you
will be a professional smartphone photographer(and maybe enter a photo into a



By Chan Shu Hui / April 15, 2015 3:19PM GMT+8


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