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6 Must-Buy Gadgets This IT Show!

You could be the first 100 people in Singapore to own

One of the first IT shows of the year has
just kicked off and it brings with it a larger group of exhibitors and products.
Exhibitors range from IT, digital, mobile and consumer electronics with big
technology names like Samsung, Apple, ASUS and Lenovo. The event this year
takes place on the 19
th to the 22nd March, at SUNTEC
Singapore levels 3, 4 and 6 from 12pm to 9pm daily.

This year apart from the usual suspects
like desktops and laptops, there are an increased number of other nifty tech
gadget exhibitors like Smarthome and drones participating. We have sussed out
some really interesting gadgets that you have just got to get your hands on!
(That is if your spouse and bank permits)


1. The
Little Blue Wonder – Parrot Bebop Drone

Meet the Parrot Bebop drone. Small enough
to be flown indoors, comes with a range of safety mechanisms, is available for
sale in three different colours (red, blue and yellow), connected via Wi-Fi, controlled
by an app on your Smartphone or tablet, stable when in flight and is most
importantly easy on your pocket! Catch us putting the Bebop to the flight test at the end of this article!

Is there really any other reason that you
really need to get your hands on this?

Price: S$740


2. Smarthome
– Carrot Home

© Carrot Home. Reproduced for review only.

Smarthome products are gaining steam
internationally and this can be seen at this year’s IT Show. With Carrot Home,
you are able to control any remote controlled device via a master remote or
your Smartphone. Carrot Home works by having infrared (IR) repeaters around the
home, each IR repeater has a long IR emission range of up to 10 metres. With
this and your master remote or Smartphone app you are able to control anything
from room lights to the all-important air conditioning system. 

Price: P.O.A


Jedi Power! – MYO

A really cool Jedi-like gadget by Thalmic
Labs has finally made a splash in Singapore! The MYO is a band that you wear on
your arm and with it you can control anything from your TV, gaming console and
even use it for your PowerPoint presentation.

Price: Currently only available for show and tell at the IT Show but
available online at just USD$179


4. Selfie
Like A Pro – Casio EX-TR50

At the IT Show 2015, Casio’s famous selfie
came the EX-TR50 will come in an exclusive gift set with only 40 sets available
a day. In the exclusive gift set, the selfie camera comes with an exclusive camera
pouch, pink selfie stick and a 16GB micro SD card – the bare essentials for the
perfect selfie at any event.

Price: S$1299


Laptop – HP Spectre x360

This is HP’s new range of super sleek and
light laptops suited for both business and education. Apart from the metallic
finish and sleek design, the HP Spectre x360 is able to yoga; much like its
sister’s brand Lenovo’s Yoga line of laptops. With a long battery life of 12.5
hours and weighing only a mere 1.5kg, staying connected has never been such a

Price: Starting from S$1899 for the i5 model


6. Drive
Safely – Thinkware Dash Cam F750

Car cameras are the next thing when it
comes to car security. So if you are thinking of purchasing one, check out
Thinkware’s F750. It is the latest edition in their range of car cameras and
also the most expensive. What sets Thinkware apart from its competitors is that
it uses Dual Save Technology that guarantees a recording will always have a
backup copy in the camera’s internal memory in case of an accident. In addition,
with the built in GPS antenna it can monitor the roads and notify the driver of
photo enforced areas for a safer drive.

Price: $468


Watch us test fly the Parrot Bebop drone indoor at Singapore’s IT Show 2015 and notice how awesome this drone really is!

I flew a Parrot Drone, boo yah! by techstormtv


By Geralyne Kaye Ong / March 19, 2015 6:15PM


Disclaimer: The above images and trademarks are the sole and
exclusive properties of their respective owners and are reproduced herein for
the purpose of fair criticism and review. 

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