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8 Genius Tech Gifts Mum Will Love

Popular to contrary belief, tech gadgets are not only for

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for
the new age highly connected tech savvy mums, cakes, diamonds and flowers just
would not cut it anymore! Here’s some geeky picks for you to raise the bar on
gifting this Mother’s Day.

Here goes!


1. For
the Garden Loving Mum

©Parrot. Reproduced for review only.

Take a look at Parrot’s Flower Power, it
tells you of the actual status of your plant so that you can achieve 100%
success growth rate! By status we mean the four most important things that
might affect your plant’s life, temperature, sunlight, fertilizer and moisture.
Flower Power will notify mum if attention needs to be given to the said plant
via Smartphone or Tablet app that connects to Flower Power via Bluetooth. With
some help from Flower Power, every mum can now be a professional gardener!

Price: From US$199


Mum the Chef

Worst case scenario for any chef: hands
covered in batter, tablet’s screen is locked and you need to refer to the
recipe. Here comes Belkin with their Chef Stand and stylus to save the day. The
stand is compatible with most tablets, has a non-slip rubber base and can be
adjusted which works perfect for countertops. The stylus on the other hand
allows you to control the tablet without ever having to physically touch the
screen. What’s more both the stand and stylus are water resistant and can be
cleaned throughout with warm water and soap. So Mum doesn’t have to constantly
wash her hands to refer to the recipe anymore.

Price: US$39.99


Because Sometimes Mum Needs a Little Break Too

©Coravin. Reproduced for review only.

Wine, a magical red liquid that was once
actually safer to drink than water. Problem is you do not always consume an
entire bottle, just a glass; we are implementing the benefit of doubt here. With
Coravin’s Wine Access System you are now able to do just that, it uses air
pressure to insert a Teflon coated needle through the cork of the wine bottle.
This gets you access to wine without actually removing the cork from the bottle.
Wine in bottle will now still be protected by the cork for weeks or till the
next binge. Perfect for the mother who loves wine and also for those who need a
reason not to finish an entire bottle.

Price: From US$299


4. Shoot,
Print or Share!

Polaroid’s latest gadget the Socialmatic is
for the mum who loves the having her pictures printed, but also has the
insatiable need to post images on Facebook. Around the size of your palm, it is
packed with a 14MP front camera, 4.5” display and an LED flash for the pictures
taken under dim light. Mom will now be able to capture an image that will be
stored on your Smartphone, instantly print it on ink-free paper and share it
via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in a jiffy on social media! Now, how cool is that? (Note:
If mum doesn’t like it, you could also borrow it from time to time for

Price: US$299.99


5. A
Book Worm’s Dream Come True

If mum is a book worm, well this will
definitely excite her. Kindle’s newest addition that allows you to carry an
entire library on the go, the Kindle Voyage. The Voyage differs from the rest
as it provides higher resolution displays as compared to other eBook readers in
the market, has an in-built adaptive light sensor for reading on the go and a
large 6” display; all while still achieving long battery life with e-ink
technology. However, if you mum is looking for other options, go on and read
(we won’t tell).

Price: From US$199


6. Painless
Hair Removal Right at Home

Let’s cut to the chase, having a portable
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal gadget will be awesome and would save
mum a ton of time and hassle. Better yet, she will now be able to do it right
in the comfort of her own home thanks to Philip’s Lumea Comfort IPL hair
removal system. Simple to operate it is effortlessly effective for face or
body, painless and suitable for a range of skin tones and types.

Price: US$249.99


7. The
Health Conscious Mum

Meet Vessyl (fancy way of spelling
‘vessel’), a know-it-all drink tumbler that is able to identify almost
everything you pour inside (alcoholic beverages included). In addition to that,
it is able to tell you what its aggregated content is. For an example, you pour
300ml of wine into Vessyl. It will tell you that the liquid you have just poured
in is wine and nutritional information like amount of sugar or calories via an
app on a Smartphone. It works almost like magic and if your mother is embarking
on or leads a healthy lifestyle, you should really consider this cool gadget.

Price: US$119 (Pre-order price)


8. Some
Help on the Home Front

©iRobot. Reproduced for review only.

Why purchase a vacuum cleaner when you can
have a robot do it for you? Heard of the vacuum iRobot Roomba? It is a vacuum
cleaning robot that cleans your floors either on schedule or at a push of a
button. Roomba is able to vacuum dirt, hair and debris thoroughly as it
automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces. Close to minimal maintenance
and self-charging, the only thing left for mum to do is kick off her slippers
and relax.

Price: From US$399.99



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