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Goodbye GoPro, Hello CUBE-ies!

Itsy Bitsy Sized Cameras to Fit Every Lifestyle

When it comes to the realm of cameras,
bigger has always seemed to be the way to go with top of the line DSLRs and
compact cameras. However, bigger cameras may not always be better for all types
of occasions. The battle for the top spot is now on amongst the small and
incredible cameras.

Introducing the new range of cameras that
are smaller than the size of a credit card, these ultra-portable CUBE cameras
have just hit the market and with some luck may be the next big thing. With its
easy on the pocket price tag and well rounded specifications, it is difficult
not to consider one when drafting up your wish list.

Here’s a peek to the battle of cube shaped innovations
for the hipster and adventurous:  



Tiny when compared to the other two cubes. What
will first capture your attention to Polaroid’s CUBE is its retro-like design
and perfect CUBE shape. It has kept its design in line with Polaroid’s
trademark rainbow coloured lines running across the camera, which to me bears a
strong resemblance to Instagram’s logo. With a magnet embedded on its sides, it
is able to attach itself on metal surfaces to aid in picture taking. In
addition it is able to record quality videos in HD and at 1080p, surpassing other
existing compact cameras in the market.

The CUBE comes packed with a 6MP camera, micro
SD compatibility up to 32GB, available in three psychedelic colours and has a
video life of up to 90 minutes. This nifty CUBE is also splash resistant and
has affordable add-on accessories. Its most expensive accessory is the
waterproof case with a suction mount, which retails at USD$39.99. Perfect for outings
by the beach or snapshots at that epic pool party, its possibilities are pretty
much endless!


SJCam M10 Cube

The cheapest option out of the entire lot
of cube cameras, the SJCam M10. This is not your usual run-of-the-mill
‘Shan Zhai’ gadget. With siblings like
SJ5000 and SJ4000 competing head on with the GoPro Hero series, expect more bang
for your buck. Being equipped with specifications like continuous shooting and 170° ultra wide angle lens sets itself apart from the other cubes and
point-and-shoot cameras.

The M10 is equipped with a 12MP camera, 1080p
HD video recording, micro SD compatibility up to 32GB, detachable battery, is
available in a giddy array of 7 colours and a video life of up to 90 minutes.
Accessories sold separately come relatively cheap with its most expensive accessory
being the waterproof case, retailing for a mere USD$14.90. Similar to
Polaroid’s CUBE, the M10 is also waterproof which makes it perfect for the
beach, pool and sport activities.



For the
serious social media addict, this one’s for you. Feather weight and small
enough to fit in the tightest pocket of your jeans or smallest of handbags, is iOn’s
SnapCam. Designed with a magnetic clip it easily latches on to t-shirts or bag
straps, making it extremely convenient for capturing point-of-view (POV) shots
and videos. Equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth functions, it has the ability to
share pictures and videos to your Smartphone on the spot. Your Instagram and
Facebook followers will thank you!

The SnapCam comes with an 8MP camera, 720p
HD video recording, micro SD compatibility up to 32GB, is available in eight
different colours and has a video life of 120 minutes. A hybrid between
consumer electronics’ new love child, wearables and a compact camera makes the
SnapCam perfect for concerts, parties and gatherings where taking pictures or prolonged
video recording with your Smartphone might prove to be a chore to hold on to.

Cube camera comparison on www.techstorm.tv

If this were a David versus Goliath battle,
these cubies could very well be David taking on the Goliaths of the camera
industry; Nikon and Canon. These tiny sized cameras bring portability to the
next level with specifications that are comparable to the GoPro Hero series,
and point-and-shoot compact cameras. So whether it is 6MP or 12MP, in due time these
ultra-portable cubies are set to change the way we engage cameras in our daily
life and may just be the only way to go for those seeking compact and yet rugged



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / January 19, 2015 4:30PM GMT+8


Disclaimer: The above images and trademarks are the
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herein for the purpose of fair criticism and review. 

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