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A $18K Luxury in Your Home?

It is flashy and definitely a centre piece for your home.

Think of a home entertainment system and
several brands come to mind – LG, Panasonic, and Sony. Now think of one that is fed
with an overdose of steroids and think Samsung.

This time Samsung spares no expense in fine
tuning and perfecting this premium range of SMART SUHD TVs. With the use of
nano-crystal technology, Samsung has managed to achieve better colour
reproduction, brightness and contrast. So expect more vibrant and accurate
colour representations with any other UHD TVs!  

The SUHD TVs are all equipped with state of
the art features such as, Peak Illuminator and Precision Black. While the Peak
Illuminator helps enhance your TV watching experience by making the images
incredibly clear even under bright light, Precision Black amplifies contrasts
so that more details can be seen during darkly lit scenes; like those in
Batman’s Dark Knight.

For those wondering about how those
unsightly wires and cables are going to look, well Samsung has the One Connect
Box to solve that issue. Only one cable connects the TV to the One Connect Box,
while all other cables are connected to the TV via the One Connect Box that can
be hidden away.

Some really awesome features of the SUHD TV
include mirroring your Smartphone’s display when connected and as it is a SMART
TV you are able to seamlessly surf the Internet with its built-in Octa-Core
processor. Apart from the brilliant and high contrast displays, Samsung’s SUHD
TV aims to keep you connected; in keeping up with Samsung’s vision of making
all their products IoT (Internet of Things) capable by 2017.

So if you are looking for a SUHD TV that
looks just as awesome as its display, look no further. However, with great
design and technology comes an even greater price tag. They range from S$5,499
for the 55” JS9000 model to S$17,999 for the top of the line 78” JS9500 model.
With prices shooting off the roof and such large screens, this piece of luxury
might not be for everyone considering the shrinking house sizes in Singapore.

One of a kind curved sound bars to complement that curved TV of your yours, but at a price of course.

Apart from its SUHD TV debut, Samsung has
also launched an array of home entertainment gadgets that include an
Omni-Directional 360 audio speaker and curved sound bar. The curved sound bar deserves
a mention not only because it is curved and complements the curved TVs
aesthetically, but because of its Bluetooth capability which allows you to
stream music directly from your phone like a wireless speaker. The sound bar
comes in different sizes ranging from 48” to 78”, prices start from S$799 but
just like the SUHD TVs, prices are steep compared to regular sound bars that
can costs as little as S$300.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / April 20, 2015 5:30PM GMT+8


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