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A Breath of Fresh Air

Hint: You don’t have to go too far for it

Meet Dyson’s all new and all cool, Pure
Cool bladeless fan that comes to you with a hassle free purifier. Perfect for
months when the nasty haze pays us a not-so-friendly visit here in Singapore.

If have not heard of Dyson, they are the
first company in the world to design and produce bladeless fans using Air
Multiplier technology in 2009. Dyson was not always a bladeless fan company, it
first started out as a company which invented the bag-less vacuum cleaner. 

With Pure Cool as the newest addition to
their bladeless fan collection, Dyson continues to exceed expectations by
reinventing and inventing household products that make sense. Best thing about
Pure Cool is its compact size and requires little to no maintenance for the
purifier’s filter. Better yet, you could have a piece of techy genius right
there in your own home!

purifiers work on a filter based system where air is forced through filters
that constantly need cleaning, washing and drying almost on a daily basis. So
here’s where Dyson’s Pure Cool differs greatly, it actually doesn’t need any of
that and each of its filter can last for six months even with 24 hours of
continual usage. No cleaning, no hassle, just really clean and fresh air.

addition to Pure Cool’s big bag of features, it is the first bladeless fan in
the world with a purification system that can oscillate, has speed controls, a
timer function that ranges between 15 minutes to nine hours and has been
awarded the international Quiet Mark. Which means that the Pure Cool is one of
the quietest fans in its category, making it perfect to use when you snooze
away. Awesomely clean air while I sleep? YES PLEASE!

Pure Cool will be available in mid-April at S$999 and its replacement filters
are priced at S$79.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / April 2, 2015 2:05PM GMT+8


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