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A Couch Potato’s Dream Come True!

Never have to leave home again with all the delivery and
services that you can find online

Thank god for the Internet! In our current
context, there is pretty much nothing that the Internet cannot help us with our
daily life.

From keeping us connected with our personal
social circle with social media applications like Facebook and Instagram, to
purchasing movie tickets or even applying for a job, the Internet brings
endless possibilitW

Why squeeze or battle with
the crowd over the weekend to get your errands done, when you have the almighty
Internet? Here are five ideas, to help you along with being the professional
couch potato we all aspire and strive to be.


cleaning with The Sunday Crew

Why bother with the back breaking chore of
cleaning up after a long day at work when you could get some help with it? With
a simple flat rate of just $20 an hour, you could get your home cleaned up
without breaking into a sweat. Their services include vacuuming, mopping, wiping
surfaces and tidying rooms for your entire house.

No gimmicks, nasty packages, agency fees or
fuss included. Simply just pay and book a cleaning slot online!


to Redmart for your groceries

Ever had a tough time trying to drag 10
bags of groceries home from the supermarket, and felt like your arms were going
to dislocate anytime? Well, here comes Redmart, a one stop shop for all your
grocery needs at competitive prices.

This online supermarket has an arsenal of
products that range from fresh produce like meat, seafood and vegetables to
household products like laundry detergent or dish washing liquids.

Just think about this, you could get all
the heavy household products, drinks and rice delivered right to your doorstep,
with just a click of your mouse!


Men’s fashion in a box with Tate & Tonic

If you want to take the hassle out from
shopping at a store for clothes, hate having to head to the fitting room and would like a stylist to help you with your look, no further than Tate
& Tonic.

Simply fill out a form to let the stylists
get a better idea of your personal style. These questions will include the
colours you would wear, clothing preferences, size of your clothes and your
price range. Then just simply wait for Tate & Tonic’s stylist to mail you a
nice box. In it you will find a hand-picked selection of clothing, shoes and
accessories catered to your personal style.

All that is left to do is to try it in the
comfort of your home and keep what you like. For the pieces that you don’t
quite fancy, Tate & Tonic will handle it hassle free at no additional


for a hassle-free dinner

Enjoy a culinary feast right in the comfort
of your own home with Foodpanda. This is an online site as well as mobile
application, built to make take-out in Singapore convenient and stress-free.

Choose from over 20 different cuisines to
excite your taste buds for your next meal. Aside from just food delivery from
your favourite restaurant, Foodpanda also provides special delivery options
ranging from ‘Romantic Dinner’ to ‘Alcohol and Refreshment’ deliveries.

To top it all off, there is a 24-hour
delivery option! So supper party anyone?


much stuff laying around? Just Vault Dragon it

Calling all hoarders! If you just have too
many things laying around the house and somehow they are too precious to give
away, just simply Vault Dragon it.

Like its name suggests, Vault Dragon is
storage solution company that helps you keep your stuff safe or until you
need it again. Vault Dragon will deliver storage boxes for you to pack your
stuff into, come collect it within a week and safely store it in their warehouse.
When you decide to retrieve them, Vault Dragon returns them on demand. Simple

If you are wondering how large Vault
Dragon’s storage boxes are, they can fix an approximate 20 pairs of shoes or 90

What is even better are the rates Vault
Dragon offer. Just $13.50 per storage box per month, pickups of storage boxes
are always free and if you need to get your box back, it goes for $18.50 and an
additional $1 per box.


go for a beer run when you can call for one with Alcohol Delivery?

It has been a really good party on a
Saturday evening and you realise that the alcohol stash is running dry. You
can’t exactly leave the party because you are a host and well, you can’t
exactly send your guests out to make a quick beer run either. So what do you
do? You head on over to Alcohol Delivery’s online site or give them a call!

They have quite the arsenal to help with
weekend benders. Be it gin, vodka, champagne, wine, mixers and they even offer
chips and light snacks to help out with the alcohol munchies! To top it all
off, delivery time is capped at an hour. Seriously, how cool is this to have an
efficient alcohol delivering service when you need it the most?



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / July 29, 2015 5:30PM GMT+8


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