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These Champions Brought Home Gold at The SiTF Awards

The SiTF Awards held in Singapore has announced their winning champions of the ICT industry. We are there first hand to see gold winners announced during the awards gala ceremony held at the Mediacorp theatre in Singapore on October 5 th 2016. More than a hundred start-ups were scrutinized and ...

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20,000 Game Lovers Met Her At GamesStart Asia

Our nerves were tinkling as we stepped into GameStart 2016 for our hands-on review, this took place in Singapore’s Suntec Convention Centre over a three-day period from the 7-10 October and what a weekend it was. Tech Storm was there as GameStart 2016’s supporting Media Partner for the ...

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The Arrival of The Super Drones…!

A massive crowd gathered around the open air field of the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore. What is the excitement all about? It is the inaugural launch of Parrot’s newest series of outdoor drones, or super drones as we like to call them. We are there for a close-up ...

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More Hot Contenders to bag GOLD at SiTF Awards 2016

The SiTF (Singapore infocomm Technology federation) 2016 awards where we named our hottest contenders over here, is imminent. This year, there is an excellent group of start-ups competing to take home the gold.

However, start-ups who are slightly further along also get an arena to themselves to compete in and ...

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Hot Contenders to bag GOLD at SiTF Awards 2016

The esteemed SiTF (Singapore infocomm Technology federation) awards, inaugurated in 2009 by the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation(SiTF), is always hotly contested with highly successful startup winners from past years such as “ShopBack”, “Smart Walkie Talkie” and more.

This year will prove no different with the competition getting harder each ...

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A Million-Maker’s 3 Tips for Startups To Succeed

Being chairperson of Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) over the past few years has been a rewarding experience for me. I was able to work closely with the government and tech sector and saw the continuing evolution of Singapore’s ICT landscape.

Ms Shirley Wong, tech investor & former entrepreneur who has helped transformed startups

Within the ICT sector, manpower has always been a key concern and I’m glad that some of our feedback and recommendations were taken into account by the government during this year’s budget, with the announcement of more funding and support for ICT manpower development. The creation of the Techskill Accelerator (TeSA) programme is a positive step that will help empower and improve the employabilty of the tech workforce.

SiTF has also grown a lot closer to the startup community over the last three years. Some highlights for me include being an investment mentor for young companies in our 123 JumpStart initiative which has now grown to 260 members, providing space and support for the community; creatinga Startup ...

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A Robot Chef That Cooks Asian Meals For You

Robots could soon be on the line in kitchen restaurants helping chefs prepare food and even cooking dishes for customers.

We wrote about a potentially inexpensive solution for a robotic chef you can place in your home so you can come home to a hot meal back in June. This ...

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Meet these real life cyber warriors in person

A battlefield in cyber space

Over 1000 cyber industry leaders, academic and government representatives and cyber start-up companies gathered at Cybertech Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Hall over a two-day conference and exhibition to discuss major cybersecurity threats facing companies, governments and critical infrastructure across Asia and how to ...

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Headphones or Speakers, why not both?

Many of us are familiar with the X-Mini brand as it is quite likely that we’ve all used their portable speakers before. Founded 10 years ago as Xmi in Singapore by brothers Ryan Lee and Reuben Lee alongside Barry Choo, Xmi grew from a single product company selling their ...

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Celebration Of Science Builds A Smart Future

Singapore’s annual celebration of science, the Singapore Science Festival, has come to a close with more than 110,000 people coming together at more than 30 events across the country.

Over the past six weeks visitors have been captivated by scientists, tinkerers and enthusiasts sharing the splendour of science ...