3 Hot Picks That Might Bag The Prize

Its award season again. This year’s SiTF Award finalists pack more oomph, glam and bam than the last!

The 7 th annual SiTF (Singapore infocomm Technology Federation) Awards is back, with over 300 submissions received this year. For those who have not heard of the SiTF Awards, it is an annual event that focuses and recognises made-in Singapore infocomm innovations. Past year’s winners and mentions include, Novelsys, Digify and CreoPop to name a few.

A total of 10 categories are being contested for, in each category there will be one winner and merits will be selected. The panel of judges involved in handpicking the award winners are distinguished professionals in their own right - Ranging from venture capitalists, investors to academia.

Amongst this year’s list of finalists, we have got our eyes set on these three specific start-ups contesting in the Best Innovative Infocomm Products (Consumers) category. They have individually rocked the consumer start-up scene and look set to be the next massive trailblazer. Here they are:



What is Instaprint?

A service that engages your guests at an event by sharing their photos and comments in real time, on to a dedicated website which will be broadcasted at the event. In addition, images that have been tagged with the event’s unique #hashtag will be printed instantly for your guests.

Entertain and capture the attention of your guests in a refreshing and innovative manner!

Why do we think it rocks?

Instaprint provides an interactive service during parties, wedding or any event. In addition, it gives your guests a small memento to bring home with them after the event!



What is 99.co?

An online portal that helps you find your dream house, condominium, apartment or HDB flat for sale or rent. You might be thinking, ‘what is so special about 99.co since there are already so many other established property sites?’ Well, there are two notable differences.

Firstly, this site does not only cater to property agents but also for the common man on the street. To ensure that your property is well photographed, 99.co provides a service whereby they send their own professional photographer to your house for free.

Secondly, the site is really easy for you to either find or put up properties for sale or rent. If you are finding an apartment, all you need to do is key in the location you are looking for and if you are looking to buy or rent. There are also other nifty filters like distance, travel time, floor size, year of completion, etc.

On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your apartment, just fill up a data list (location, floor area, rooms, etc.), upload some pictures of the property (or call for a free professional photographer to get some help), the nice people at 99.co will then verify your entry within 24 hours, what’s left to do is just wait for someone to pick your property and contact you.

Why do we think it rocks?

99.co's entire site is less messy and daunting than the other existing property sites. Not to mention, it is easier to find a property listing and you get a better view of what properties are available with the map view.



What is ShopBack?

It is an online coupon site that helps you save money with the best coupon codes and deals all gathered on one site. In addition to this, ShopBack gives you cash back with every successful transaction made through their site. So no more googling for valid coupon codes that may not work or borrowing your best friend’s coupon code.

ShopBack has a wide arsenal of participating merchants like Lazada, Groupon, Foodpanda, Rakuten.com.sg, Expedia and many more. Essentially this site helps you save money when purchasing items and at the same time giving you cold hard cash as rebates for using their site! I say this is a win-win, don’t you?

Why do we think it rocks?

Aside from being in the know and enjoying discounts, you are spending to save (perfect excuse to get that dress you have been eyeing on).  ShopBack also has a wide variety of over 300 merchants under their belt for you to pick and choose from.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / September 8, 2015 12:10PM GMT+8


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