3 Hot Picks That Might Bag The Prize

Life certainly gets much easier with such intriguing and awesome start-ups that are making its mark in Singapore

With just two weeks left to the prestigious SiTF (Singapore infocomm Technology Federation) award held in Singapore, the competition is certainly heating up. This is our second weekly instalment out of four, covering for this event. Each week, we will give you a sneak peek into the participating start-ups leading right up to the gala dinner held on 1 October - where the winners will be crowned.

This week we give you our hot favourites from the Best Start-up (Early Stage) category and our take as to why they might just bag the prize.


Zap Delivery

It is a courier mobile application that will get your document picked up and sent within a four hour window at a reasonable price. You may be thinking that this is nothing new, but it is.

Calling a courier is not difficult with all the courier companies that are already available now, however they may not come to your need so quickly. Some take hours before your package gets picked up and sent to its designated location.

Zap Delivery guarantees that your parcel gets picked up and reaches its intended location within four hours, or it’s free – that’s commitment right there. Using it is also simple. Just open its mobile application, drop a pin on the map to let your courier know the delivery address, wait for the courier to arrive for the pickup and you can even track the courier as he makes his way to deliver your package.

Why Zap Delivery Might Bag The Prize?

It helps solve real world problems like when you left an important document at home that you may need within a few hours for a meeting later. Coupled with a reasonable price tag and simple to use interface, Zap Delivery is definitely a strong challenger in this category.



As its name may have already suggested, Neeuro is a company that wants to help us keep our brain healthy through monitoring and specifically designed games. It has invented a Brainwave Headgear and a mobile game application named Memorie.

The Brainwave Headgear is a wearable, which has four front EEG (Electroencephalography) sensors and two reference electrodes that read your brain’s cognitive signals. Memorie on the other hand is the mobile application that helps you exercise your brain, there are about 20 games in this application. Each game vigorously exercises a different part of your brain, all while keeping you entertained.

Both them both together and you get a holistic brain work-out machine. As you play each game, a system will read your brain’s signals, sense your mental state, monitor and reads your game performance.

Why Neeuro Might Bag The Prize?

This invention could potentially pave the way for scientist to gain more insights about our brain while at the same time, help us keep a healthy mind. There isn’t an invention quite like this, and for it to come out from a small country like Singapore is a significant milestone achievement. Won’t you say so?


The Commissioned

The Commissioned is a website that allows you to browse artists, purchase artworks and commission your very own art piece.

Think of it as a marketplace of artists and their artwork. If you don’t exactly know where to start or what you are looking for, The Commissioned provides an Art Concierge feature that allows you to ask any question pertaining to the artwork or artists without any obligations.

With websites like The Commissioned, artworks are no longer only for the rich or aristocrat, in fact it helps open doors to the masses.

Why The Commissioned Might Bag The Prize?

It is innovative and brings art closer to the masses. There is no longer the need to face that somewhat daunting trip to the art gallery to purchase an artwork where you may feel awkward and uncomfortable. With The Commissioned, you have the luxury of browsing artwork at your own pace and in the process find an artwork you love. This also works well for the artists as the website provides another platform for them to showcase their work and in the process gain recognition.


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By Geralyne Kaye Ong / September 17, 2015 16:20PM GMT+8


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