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A gathering where some of the brightest minds and trailblazers come together to show-off their wares

If you did not get the chance to head down to Techventure 2015 this year, don’t fret about it. We have scoured the exhibition hall to give you our top 4 handpicked innovative and inventive start-ups that were exhibiting at the event.



The name Clopy is a word play of the ever-so-helpful ‘copy and paste’ function that we use frequently whether at work or at home. As its name Clopy suggests this is a cloud based computer and mobile application that allows you to have all your documents with you in your pocket on-the-go whenever and wherever you want.

This is both a computer and mobile application that you can download on your computer, tablet or Smartphone. Clopy will allow you to sync specific or all of your documents, pictures and web link library to any device that has the application pre-installed.

Why We Like It

Who can deny that they have never left their important documents or pictures at home and need it urgently? You can finally stop sending emails with attachments to yourself. With Clopy, hopefully this will be a thing of the past!


Smart Walkie

Think walkie talkies, now instead of the regular radio frequency it is connected with change that to an Internet connection and you get the Smart Walkie. This is more than your regular walkie talkie which has a limited range and only allows you to send or received voice messages.

Smart Walkie is a mobile application and a specially modified Motorola Smartphone. It has all the basic features of a Smartphone with an additional feature of being an elevated walkie talkie. With the Internet connection feature the Smartphone provides, Smart Walkie is able to operate over a longer range, send and receive voice and text messages. In addition to that, when you received text messages they can be read out to you! Pretty cool feature especially when your hands are preoccupied.

Why We Like It

The Smart Walkie allows you to send messages over a longer range as compared to regular walkie talkies as all you need is a working Internet connection. Looks like the days of ugly and bulky walkie talkies may finally come to an end!



This is a social gifting app that also focuses on social good. When completed and launched, there would be a website and mobile application. How it works is that, you put items you like on a wish list that can be seen by your family and friends. When a gifting occasion is coming up, your loved ones or family can purchase items from your list for you. Meaning, no more bad presents!

Aside from the hundred or if not, thousands of other gifting applications out there, SurpriseMe strategically differs in three aspects. Firstly, it is not just items from fashion houses that are up for sale. SurpriseMe offers its users to purchase products with a social cause in mind. Take for an example, bar soaps that have been made by women at risk of being implicated into the sex trade for money, etc.

Secondly, if you are not sure on what present to gift a loved one or friend, SurpriseMe can give you recommendations based on the use of big data technology. So you will never go wrong with gifting again, well at least the chances of you getting things wrong will not be so high. Lastly, if you want something that costs a little more than your friend’s budget, SurpriseMe can help ‘crowdfund’ that Prada or Gucci bag you got your eye on for some time now.

Why We Like It

With this, you can finally never get another photo frame, moisturizing lotion or a stick of deodorant for your birthday or Christmas ever again. Only problem is that it won’t be ready till Christmas season later this year.



This is a mobile application for both Android and iOS that helps you book a table at the hottest clubs in Singapore, with no hassle involved. If you have booked a table at a club for a party with your mates, you will know that sometimes (well, more often than not) it can test your patience in many ways. You call clubs one by one, inquiring for the price for a table and how many covers you could get – yes we have all been there.

With Privilist, you can skip all that. Get all the information you want in one mobile application. Whether you are booking a table for a gathering or just checking out what parties are in store during the weekend. There is even a membership if you spend at a club through this mobile application, you will be able to exchange these points for members only benefits.

The only minor flaw is that this mobile application will only be available in Singapore for the time being, and will launch at the end of this month.

Why We Like It

Skip the calls (that usually go unanswered for your first three tries), book a table at your convenience and still get treated like a VIP – who doesn’t want the sparkles and over the top entrances?


Techventure 2015 is a start-up and investor event held annually for the past 19 years in Singapore. This is one is one of the largest of such events in Asia with an International attendee list. Read more about this year’s event here.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / September 22, 2015 17:40PM GMT+8


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