5 Of Google’s Best Kept Secrets

It’s more than just your trusty know-it-all search engine, Google also has an amusing side you got to know about

After scouring the Internet for interesting Google hacks and trying close to twenty Google hacks, we have condensed it down to just five that you need to try out to believe it for yourself. Some of these hacks are just purely for entertainment while others keep your life in check. Here are our top five Google hack picks you will not regret knowing about!


A Cure For The Afternoon Lull

If you have run out of steam or just need some entertainment to perk your afternoon up, check out these two games Google has in store for you. The first game is knowns as ‘Zerg Rush’, just type it into the search bar and wait for little ‘OO’ icons to scatter on your screen. The main aim of this game is to prevent the swarm of flying icons to cross to over the other side of the page, you prevent that by clicking on it profusely (we do not recommend this game to those whose computer mouse click really loudly).

The second game is known as ‘Atari Breakout’. Put that into a Google search and head on over to the image tab, you will see the game appear. It is a retro game controlled by your computer mouse, the aim is to bounce the ball on a bar to destruct 5 layers of brick.

For The Avid Calorie Counter

Whether you are on a permanent diet of sorts or just trying to decide which is the better of two evils, Google makes the perfect calorie consultant. If you are torn between a pizza and a hamburger, just search ‘Pizza vs Burger’ and you will get a comprehensive nutrition breakdown. It might not be extremely accurate as each pizza and burger joint serves up something different but it acts as a good nutrition base line.


It Can Do Tricks Too

This next Google hack is equivalent to asking your beloved pet to roll over. Just type ‘do a barrel roll’ into the Google search bar and hit enter. Get ready to be amazed or experience a slight headache of sorts as your Google screen does a 360 degree trick. Is there anything that Google cannot do?


Star Trek Obsession On Another Level

This one is specially for the Star Trek fanatics out there, experience navigating your Google search in Klingon (a language spoken by Klingons in the movie franchise Star Trek). Type ‘/xx-klingon’ into your Google search, click on the first link and you will be transferred to a familiar Google search site that runs on Klingon! Pretty cool huh?


Stop Facebook-ing

We have all been stuck in this situation where you start surfing your social media accounts and before you know it, two hours or more has passed and your work pile hasn’t moved an inch. With this Google Chrome extension named ‘StayFocused’, it keeps you concentrated on tasks at hand by locking you out of a list of pre-set sites. Social media addicts, you are welcome.



By Geralyne Kaye / November 11, 2015 2:51PM GMT+8


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