5 Online Shopping Savers This Holiday!

Make this year's Christmas shopping less of a last minute nightmare with these nifty ideas

If you are thinking about the long list of Christmas presents you need to get within four weeks, also think about the time you were short of gifts and it was Christmas Eve. Thinking about starting Christmas gifting early this year? All you really need is to come up with a detailed list and let these five events and websites help you with the rest.

Best part of the five events and websites, you can do it all in the comfort of your bed. No queuing, no tired feet from shopping and most of all, you get to avoid the crowd!

1. The Big Black Friday Sale

Fastest clicker wins. This is one of the most awaited sales of the year and you should really try to cash in on this sale - if you are looking to start ticking off your Christmas shopping list early. Traditionally, the Black Friday Sale only applied to physical stores around the US.

However, with more stores adopting e-commerce sites, the Black Friday Sale is also applicable for most US online merchants. Which is great because we can totally tap on this sale over here in South East Asia!

Expect prices to be slashed dramatically on this day, as much as 80 percent off or more for certain discount items. Amazon announced one of its best deals this year, at US$150 (SG$213) for a 50” flat-screen TV.

Bigger online merchants like Amazon has already started with some pre-Black Friday teasers, so you know what you should be doing? Come up with a list of presents you need, save it in your cart and just wait for the weekend to checkout your cart!

So put it down in your calendars fellow shopaholics and Christmas present seekers, it is happening on the 27th November Friday in the US – Meaning 28th November Saturday for the rest of us living in South East Asia.


2. Once Is Never Enough, Cyber Monday

Like its name suggests, this event happens on the Monday following the Black Friday Sale. In this case, it will take place on 30th November Monday in the US or in our terms, 1st December Tuesday for those living in South East Asia.

This sale is mainly for stores that operate solely online like Sole Struck or Walmart and mainly for those who have missed out on the Black Friday sale. Discounts are pretty much the same as Black Friday, but there have been instances where Cyber Monday gave better discounts – If you feel confident, go ahead and take the risk!

3. Last Minute Buys For A Product Maniac

If the gift you are looking for, falls under the cosmetic, perfume or in short, anything that has a nice scent and makes you look good, do consider Luxola.

They carry an extensive range of cosmetics, perfume, hair and skincare products that any girl would definitely go gaga over. Major cosmetic brands like Clinique, Benefit, L’Oreal Paris and Origins just to name a few. Luxuola also carries a section for all metrosexual gents out there, brands include American Crew, Hanz De Fuko and Biotherm Homme. It might not be as extensive as the section for the ladies, but most major brands and products can be found here.

Luxola is a Singapore-based website that offers International shipping to Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and United Arab Emirates at a charge.


4. Count On Lazada

Looking for electronics or something to wear? Well, check out Lazada. It is currently available in six countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

They have an extensive range of products ranging from consumer electronics, household gadgets to children toys and alcohol. At first glance Lazada looks similar to Amazon, which is quite right. Companies can sell their wares directly to customers through Lazada.

Prices listed on Lazada are as competitive as those that you might find at major electronic stores. Since Christmas is coming, expect Lazada’s prices to remain competitive and better yet, maybe even cheaper than you heading to the store.


5. Not All Is Lost With Shopee Around

If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for on major sites, how about a mobile based application marketplace run by regular folks like you and I named Shopee.

Shopee is a mobile application, based in Singapore that is compatible for both Android and iOS users, which allows you to buy and sell items all through your Smartphone.

Have a question for the seller? Ask them directly through the mobile application and in real time. Who knows? You might get a cheaper price for the item you got your eye on.

Difference between Shopee and the rest of the market places would be its guarantee it gives its users. This guarantee ensures that you don’t need to pay for your item if it did not arrive, saving us the major hassle of trying to ask for a refund from the seller. 



By Geralyne Kaye / November 23, 2015 6:24PM GMT+8


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