7 Techy Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Father’s Day is snooping around the corner and if you still haven’t got your hands on a gift for your Dad, here are some great ideas!

We don’t quite know about you, but Dads and technology go together like cheese and wine or fries to your burger – Well, we are pretty sure you get the drift. Forget the boring socks or ties and go techy with these techy gift ideas that are sure to suit just about any Dad out there this Father's Day (21st July).

For The Sporty Action Dad

©Sony. Reproduced for review only.

If Dad is sporty and participates in marathons, consider Sony’s all new Smart B-Trainer. Not only does it double up as an MP3 but it also tracks your pre-set fitness goals and lets you know when you should be moving faster or slower. For a more detailed look into this, check it out here.

Price: SG$399 


©Garmin. Reproduced for review only.

Shout out to those with Dads who are obsessed with golf. This is Garmin’s all-in-one Smartwatch, the Approach S6. Dad will now have a Smartwatch to assist in keeping track of his handicap, scores and measures how far your shot went. Basics aside, the Approach S6 features SwingTempo and TempoTraining which helps train his swing whether at the driving range or on the course.

Price: US$399.99


©GoPro. Reproduced for review only.

Perfect for the extremely active and water loving Dad to capture all his adventures. GoPro’s HERO4 Silver action camera is rugged, waterproof of up to 40m, 12MP image capturing and video resolutions of up to 1080p at 60fps. Not to mention, sharing images and videos is a breeze with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Price: US$399.99


For The Homey Dad

©CORKCICLE. Reproduced for review only.

Warm beer is a crime. So never let your Dad run the risk of having unchilled beer, after a hard day at work ever again with Chillsner by CORKCICLE. This amazing device ensures your beer gets cold quickly and stays cold without being diluted. If beer isn’t really his choice of poison, well there are other versions of Chillsners for wine as well!

Price: US$29.95


©iDevices. Reproduced for review only.

If your Dad is the Masterchef in your home, he will definitely love this. Meet iGrill 2, possibly one of the most advanced precision Smart meat thermometers out there - Even competitive BBQ-teams rely on the iGrill 2. Perfectly grilled or smoked meats right in the comfort of your own home!

Price: US$99.99


©Parrot. Reproduced for review only.

Drones are a big boy’s (Dads included) must-have toy and with Parrot’s Bebop drone, you don’t need to have a drone license or experience to fly this beauty! Parrot’s Bebop drone is easy to assemble, safe to be flown indoors, has a homing feature and has an in-built 14MP camera.

Price: US$899.99 for Parrot’s Bebop drone and Skycontroller (Bebop’s drone can be bought separately at US$499.99) 


©Livescribe. Reproduced for review only.

If Dad is one who attends meetings day in and out, check out Livescribe 3. This is a Smartpen that redefines conventional note taking and doodling. Livescribe 3 is a nifty gadget that instantaneously transforms handwritten notes, into a softcopy on your Smartphone or tablet. In addition, this also Smartpen has a mic built-in so that all important points in a meeting are recorded down.

Price: US$199.95


Tech Storm wishes all Fathers around the world an advanced Happy Father's Day!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 16, 2015 2:20PM GMT+8


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