8 Reasons Why We Have Moved On From the iPhone

It was a one sided relationship and a rather stagnant one at that

It was first the iPhone 3, which was so sought after Telco’s had trouble keeping up with demand. Then came the onslaught of iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S. By this point we were asking ourselves if it was a good idea to upgrade since the upgrades were minimal, but we did it anyway - because, who doesn't love pretty things? 

Then came 5, 5S and now the latest iPhone 6. We are sorry (not sorry) Apple, we think it is time for us to part ways. It is not you, it is us.


Here’s 8 brutally honest and realistic reasons why you should join the Android alliance!

1. Androids Have a Better Battery Life

Biggest problem for any Smartphone user, is its battery life. Even with the latest Apple’s latest iPhone 6, its battery size is still less than 2000mAh which is pathetic as compared to the many Androids in the market. How many times have you gone out with your friends and their iPhone battery dies faster than a zombie in The Walking Dead? Androids like the new Xiaomi Mi 4i has a battery capacity 1.5 times larger than an iPhone 6. Now, take that for battery life!


2. Spoilt For Choice

You have Samsung, LG, ASUS, HTC, Xiaomi and many others on the Android bandwagon! So why decide between two to three different models of iPhones when you could have so many choices? Not to mention, the myriad number of colours and different sizes that are available.


3. Boils Down To Dollars and Cents

If you remember, Apple tried to enter the mid-tier Smartphone market when it introduced its iPhone 5C series – which was kind of a flop. iPhones are expensive, no doubt about it. The prices did not differ much between the regular iPhone 5 and 5C at that time. Smartphones from Samsung or ASUS retails from as low as S$200 onwards.


4. Customisation

Remember the good old days when Nokia was the only device you ever needed in your life and customisation was the name of the game? From back lights, keypads to the phone covers, everything was customisable. Well, Androids are pretty similar in that way. You are able to customise entire themes for your device, colour of the keyboard and the general layout of your apps on the home page.


5. Because Your Eyes Deserve the Very Best

Four years ago Retina display on an iPhone was the best thing that was ever invented. Now, the once sort after Retina Display seems to have fallen behind many Android Smartphones. The current Retina display on the iPhone 6 measures a mere 401ppi as compared to Samsung Galaxy S6’s at 577ppi (the higher the ppi count, the better the image and colour contrast displayed).


6. More Specifications

Rule of thumb in the department of specifications, just remember that the higher the numerical value, the better it is. While the rest of the Android elites are looking at running their device on octa-core processors, the iPhone 6 is still running on a dual-core processor with only 1GB of RAM. Not to mention iPhone’s camera specifications like aperture and megapixels are dated too. The Samsung S6 and LG G4 are both equipped with a 16MP rear-facing camera while the iPhone 6 has an embarrassing 8MP (we will leave you to do the math).


7. Androids Can Do That Too!

If your reasons for not trying an Android Smartphone is because you feel that you are not able to back up your documents. Well, that excuse should be thrown in your recycle bin and deleted forever! Androids can use Google Drive or DropBox to back up any document and even device settings just like how your iPhone is able to sync with the cloud.


8. Stagnant Ingenuity

First things first, do you see any major difference in aesthetics and internal specifications between Apple’s iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S or the 6? Then think about this, do you see a major difference between Samsung’s Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6? Well, I think you know the answer to both questions and where we are heading with this. We will leave you to decide which team (Apple or Android) is really the one after your bleeding pocket and heart. 



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 22, 2015 12:30PM GMT+8


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