8 Things You Need To Know about Apple’s New Updates

Apple unveils its latest software updates for its iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Calling out to all the Apple fanatics, it’s almost here! Here’s a condensed all you need to know guide about Apple’s latest updates, and what changes are in store. Apple’s unveils its much awaited software upgrades to its arsenal of small portable devices that will be made available within the next couple of months and Apple Music which is an intuitive music application.

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod

1. Get to your desired destination quickly with the improved Maps app. It now supports metropolitan transit systems and schedules while also informing you of subway entrances and exits. Maps will help you plan your route with a combination of trains, buses and walking if need be to help you reach your destination.

2. Expect a LONGER BATTERY LIFE with the iOS 9! The software update optimises battery life and is said to provide the user with a whole additional hour of it – dependent on settings and usage. In addition to prolonging battery life, there is now a low-power mode to further extend the battery life.

3. With the increase of personal data being stolen recently, the iOS 9 brings with it enhanced security features to keep your devices and Apple ID safe by strengthen the passcode that protects your decides and accounts. This is done by improving two-factor authentication and building it directly into the iOS, this makes it harder for anyone else except you to gain unauthorised access to your Apple ID.

4. For the iPad Multitasker alliance only: With a swipe you can now work on a second app without leaving the first. And with a quick tap on the screen you can now enjoy the new Split View which allows you to work on two apps at the same time – side-by-side. In addition to this, the new feature Picture-in-Picture allows you to hold a FaceTime call or video while still using an app. No more being restricted to just one app at a time!

Apple Watch

5. This is its first ever major software update for the device named watchOS 2. With this it allows you customise your watch face to your favourite picture or view pictures from your favourite photo album with just a raise of your wrist!

6. With the latest update you have more creative ways to communicate through your Apple Watch. Thanks to Mail, you can now respond quickly with using dictation, Smart Replies or even emoji!

Apple Music

7. In addition to unveiling software updates, Apple looks to launch Apple Music – which is its own intuitive app that plays music whenever you fancy. Just image having music from the entire Apple Music library at the convenience of your fingertips. That’s over 30 million songs!

8. Even Siri is on board with Apple Music. You can now ask Siri to “Play the top hits of 1994’ or even ‘What is the number one song of March 2000.’ It’s like having a party with you everywhere you go!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 10, 2015 11:55PM GMT+8


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