A Fitness Walkman On The Run

Sony’s Smart B-Trainer is everything a runner would ever want and maybe even a little more

Drool Factors: Fits snuggly on any head or ear size and does not ever drop off during the run.

The Bummers: The controls need a little getting used to and there is no battery life indicator. Its price point is a little steep.

Final Say: One of the best all-in-one fitness training, tracker and music device we have ever tried out.

With all the fitness wearables in the market, it has become increasingly difficult to suss out which would suit your fitness regime more than the other - Especially since each wearable tries to have some distinct senor. So here comes Sony with its latest all-in-one fitness wearable specifically built for runners of all kinds, the Smart B-Trainer to save the day.

We had the pleasure to test the Smart B-Trainer out for two weeks and it was a rather pleasant experience after some getting used to. Before bringing the gadget out for a spin, we had to download the Smartphone application named ‘B-Trainer’ from the app store. Instructions given by the app to sync the Smart B-Trainer via Bluetooth was clear and the app was overall easy to navigate.

After syncing the gadget, we had to set up our own training plan. You could choose from either setting the training plan based on time, distance or calories. For the more advanced runners, who maybe training for that beach body or for the upcoming marathon, there is the fat burning and endurance training plan.

The information of your training plan will then be sent to the Smart B-Trainer. Right after we loaded some songs into the gadget, off we went eager for our first test run with the gadget. As the Smart B-Trainer didn’t need to be synced with a Smartphone to work, all we really needed to bring along for our run was a watch and the device itself. The controls on the Smart B-Trainer itself were a no brainer. But trying to touch, feel and remember where the controls were located, was a little annoying especially when we were in the ‘run zone’.

During our run, the gadget notified us of the distance we have covered, time and pace every five minutes. Music played changed according to our pace, thanks to Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis Technology which can detect music waveforms. Slower or faster paced songs will be played depending on your targeted speed and heart rate, to spur you on your pre-set training plan.

Right after our run, we synced the gadget again with the Smartphone application and got a detailed analysis of our run (obviously none of us are marathon runners, so please pardon our horrible timing). With the detailed graphs and reports, you get to know how you performed during the run. For avid runners, this is literally a god send.

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Saving the best for last, this is the most awesome feature of the Smart B-Trainer – It fits snuggly on your ears. We have tiny ears , yes that’s right. For all those who have smaller than average ears, you can relate to the pain and hassle when it comes to any headset or earpiece just because our ears are small. The Smart B-Trainer literally locks itself securely on your ears without being uncomfortable. So, no falling off our ears due to sweat or having to stop your run just to put on the Smart B-Trainer properly.

After all that has been said, the only one thing that is stopping us from purchasing a unit for ourselves is sadly its rather steep retail price. As we are mostly recreational runners, SG$399 is a pretty steep price to pay for a running companion no matter how perfect it maybe. It would really be great, if Sony could maybe strip some of the fancy sensors and produce a somewhat more affordable Smart B-Trainer for the recreational runner.


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The Sony Smart B-Trainer is available in five colours and retails for SG$399.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 26, 2015 5:30PM GMT+8


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