Adman X Entrepreneurial Dream

For those of us who feel that you are stuck in a corporate grind, clocking in hours in the office and feeling shackled to a job we have no passion for and wondering what life might be like stepping out as an entrepreneur. Well, in this instalment of Tech Storm’s Next Million Maker series we got in touch with a former corporate executive  turned entrepreneur Basil Chua, the CEO of AsiaMX to find out more about his entrepreneurial dream and ambitions.

TS: Tell us about the genesis of AsiaMX, what inspired you to get started and why did you want to create this new company?

BC: AsiaMX was formed to solve a problem that nobody cared to address. I spent the past 15 years in the TV business, working at some of the biggest media companies and with some of the most recognisable channel brands and advertisers in the world. I am very passionate about marketing, media and advertising. I experienced the pain of the inefficiency of TV advertising - spreadsheets and long hours were the order of the day. I felt compelled to do something to help the industry evolve -- to make it relevant to modern marketers, CEOs, millennials, etc.

When creating AsiaMX, we asked ourselves, “From consumers to advertisers, they have all shifted in the way they consume media, especially television. The question is how do we make TV advertising relevant to modern media buyers?”

For television to remain relevant to advertisers, innovation is the only way forward. So we developed an automated platform to take the pain out of buying and selling TV advertising.

TS: What is the biggest challenge you face?

BC: Our business is all about people. Our biggest challenge is about finding the right talents with great attitude to fit into the broader team culture. The fact is that we have ambitious targets. Our desire is for every person in the team to arrive together.

TS: What is the biggest satisfaction so far?

BC: It has been very rewarding watching this baby from pre-natal to birth. We hope that it will gain the recognition it deserves.

TS: Do you have a role model you look up to?

BC: Many people inspire me, from great thinkers of our time to progressive business leaders who have cast a deep influence in our lives. From Martin King Junior to Nelson Mandela to Warren Buffett to Richard Branson to Steve Jobs. They are very successful in what they do and they all have something that I can learn from.

TS: If you had the chance for a do-over what would you have done differently?

BC: We make many decisions every day. The fact is that what we are doing is entirely blue ocean. Hence, we try to make decisions based on what we think is best, based on the best available knowledge. But sometimes, decisions go sour. For us, it is about learning, adapting and adjusting quickly.

TS: What would be your advice for entrepreneur wannabes?

BC: Just do it. We live this life but once. Until we do it, we may live a life of regret.

TS: Complete this sentence: You’re Tech Storm TV’s next million maker because …

BC: I believe that no man is an island and it is friends, partners and customers who will make this business possible.

By Jason Tan / May 5, 2016 11:02PM GMT+8 Singapore

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