Always a Mummy’s Girl at Heart

We speak to celebrity host Erin Lim and ask her all about Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is literally just around the corner (10 th May) and if you still haven’t got any idea on what to gift mum and would like to have a different set of recommendations, well this is for you. We check in with Erin Lim who hosts Storm Bytes , which is a mini-series commissioned by Tech Storm, on her take on gifts for mum and how technology has helped modern mothers today! 

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what are the three gifts you feel are a must have for all Mothers out there?

EL: Well since I'm not a mother myself, I decided to ask an expert - my mother! According to Lulu Lim, she thinks the top 3 tech gadgets that are hot for this Mother's Day will be phablets (phone tablets), fitness trackers (Fitbit or Jawbone) and nanny cams. Phablets are great because they enable parents like her to communicate with their children all over the world via FaceTime, Skype or Whatsapp. In addition to that, what mum doesn't like to do a little perusing on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on an XL screen (no zooming in needed)! Fitness trackers because it helps keep on top of the healthy lifestyle with a busy day to day schedule. Nanny cams because, mums just can't let us leave their sight!


Mums also love having pretty gadgets once in a while, is there any particular one that you are looking to get mum or recommend?

EL: I recommend a *gold* Edition Collection Apple Watch for Lulu. Although this device comes with a heavy price tag and is only first generation, I think this gadget totally suits my mum. She's always on the go and sometimes reaching for her phone at the bottom of her bag is troublesome. This watch is literally a personal assistant on your wrist- something my mum can really benefit from. Everything from retrieving text messages, to monitoring heartrate, answering calls, tracking activity and even telling the time! It's really the way of the future with many generations to come.


With technology infiltrating our lives more and more each day, how different is the role of a mother today as compared to being a mother from two decades ago?

EL: Mothers today are very fortunate to have the incredible advances of technology. The devices out there today enable mums to be in many places at once. For example, my mum has 1 child in Southern California, 1 in Hawaii and 1 in Singapore. She herself is in Los Angeles, CA. With today's technology she is able to be right there, face to face with all of us! Mums in general can go back to work sooner after having a new-born because of baby cam devices and they can feel confident leaving their toddler knowing that they are able to see their child at home with use of a nanny camera. Mothers these days are generally more eco-friendly too. They can read with Kindles, iPads, and phones without needing a paperback subscription to Martha Stewart living. They can even grocery shop online where the goods are delivered right to their doorstep - talk about efficiency!


Lastly, do share with us what is the ONE gadget you think can be a great help to mothers and why?

EL: My vote goes to cleaner robots. I know they already exist and are on sale, but there's still a whole lot of stuff they cannot do. For example, it can't go into places with there's a low lying table in the way and it won't give special attention to a tough spot on the floor. If cleaner robots could be improved to work that way, it would be one less backbreaking chore all mothers would not have to do!

Click here to watch Erin in action on Storm Bytes, a mini-series commissioned by Tech Storm!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 7, 2015 12:45PM GMT+8


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