Awaken The Force In Singapore!

Ever thought about what would happen if epic battle scenes on Star Wars happen in real life?

A team of four passionate Star Wars fans have reimagined how epic Star Wars battle sequences would be like in real life. Using some of Singapore’s most iconic locations as its battle ground, these passionate Star Wars fans have produced their very own version of a Star Wars video complete with their very own Lightsaber fight scene, meet modern day city metropolis.

The brilliant minds behind the Star Wars: Singapore Edition are Livan Goh, Van Teo, Lois Chng and Yvonne Lee. "I was very much inspired by the Star Wars movies and the cutting-edge visual effects they always have. Having studied Video Effects (VFX) animation in Singapore, I wanted to imagine what it would look like if Star Wars was to take place here," said Livan Goh, the Chief behind the reimagined Star Wars video.

The 57 second video highlights just some of Singapore’s iconic locations. Some of them being Marina Bay Sands, The Singapore Flyer, the Central Business District and even The Esplanade! Not to mention, do keep a look out for the 27 second mark where a rather thrilling Lightsaber battle takes place between the light and dark side.

Catch the force and high-octane chase and battle between the two sides take place in Singapore right here!

©Livan Goh, Van Teo, Lois Chng and Yvonne Lee. Reproduced for review only.


By Geralyne Kaye / December 21, 2015 2:24PM GMT+8 Singapore


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