Because The Men Just Don’t Get It

From fashionable wearable technology to unique portable chargers or capturing that perfect selfie, women-centric tech gadget is growing and it goes beyond just the basic hair dryer and epilator.

Here are Tech Storm's top 8 picks for the technology savvy women of our generation:


1. Tory Burch x Fitbit Bracelet And Necklace

© Tory Burch. Reproduced for review only.

American lifestyle brand Tory Burch collaborates with wearble technology company Fitbit, to bring us a collection of bracelets and necklaces for the health conscious fashionista. This collection includes a selection of metal hinged bracelets, pendant necklaces and silicone printed bracelets.

Prices range from USD$38 to USD$195


2. Bring The Party Wherever You Go!

Set the right mood at the party with this fancy cube shaped polka dotted bluetooth speaker from American lifestyle brand Kate Spade. It is small enough to fit your handbag and perfect for that impromptu beach day with your girlfriends.

Kate Spade’s bluetooth speakers retails for USD$60


3. Ringly Never Lets You Miss A Thing

© Ringly. Reproduced for review only.

No other connected gadget comes close to being as pretty as Ringly. A ring that doubles up as a notification device that works using Bluetooth. So never miss a call, message or social media notification again when your Smartphone is not with you.

Prices range from USD$195 to USD$260


4. Kiss Insomnia Goodbye With NightWave!

NightWave is a sleep assistance gadget that projects a soft light into your bedroom that changes intensity and slowly coaxes you to sleep. Think of a nightlight that does a lullaby dance in the form of a light show. It claims to shorten your nightly decompression time making you fall asleep faster and with more ease.

Prices range from USD$49.95 to USD$57.95


5. Don’t Let Battery Life Hold You Down With Everpurse

© Everpurse. Reproduced for review only.

Who would ever think of making a purse that charges most Smartphones without the need of a cable? Well, the ingenious people of Everpurse did just that. Designed as a casual sling bag, the Everpurse charges Smartphones on the go with ease and in style. No more worrying about low battery life after playing Candy Crush or Farmville.

Price range from USD$59 to USD$249


6. Michael Kors Gives You Juice On The Go

Still not enough juice to fuel your Smartphone addiction? Well, fashion guru Michael Kors has teamed up with Duracell to bring you perfect fancy lipstick sized portable charger that will fit into most jeans pockets or clutches.

The portable charger retails for USD$58


7. Bring Your Selfie Game On Like A Pro!

While everyone is creating wearables out of everything and anything, Nixie brings it to an entirely new level. They are in the midst of creating a wearable camera drone that can take the perfect selfie or record your next climb adventure. Imagine how cool it would be to wear a drone out! Although not out in the market just yet, this maybe the next frontier for drones.


8. Why Only Have It On Instagram? 

© The Impossible Project. Reproduced for review only.

Taking Polaroid quality pictures with your Smartphone is now a reality with the Impossible Project’s Instant Lab. Simply attach your Smartphone to the top of the tower like Instant Lab and take a picture like how you would normally do on your Smartphone. Your image will be saved on your Smartphone while at the same time the Instant Lab will print a Polaroid worthy picture. Voila!

The Instant Lab retails for USD$249



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / March 05, 2015 9.45AM GMT+8

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