Benjamin Kheng: Celebrity Host x Musician

Host, actor and musician Benjamin Kheng gets groovy with tech talk

In the next few episodes of Storm Bytes an original production by Tech Storm, celebrity host and Singaporean musician Benjamin Kheng, 24, will be coming to a screen near you. His pretty face might be familiar to most, considering his shot to stardom over the past few months in Singapore. From being ¼ of local folk-pop quartet The Sam Willows, to acting in the local theater adaptations and a dapper gentleman fashionista, Benjamin has had his share of ups and downs since entering the media circle.

Benjamin started dabbling in media at the young age of 17, with producing and presenting radio shows. Not long after, in 2012 Benjamin and three music loving friends started the Sam Willows. Since the group started, they have performed locally in Singapore and Internationally for festivals like SXSW in Texas, MU:CON and Zandari Festa in Seoul.

We catch up with Benjamin as he gets groovy with tech talk and find out what technology means to him.

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Let’s start with something simple, are you a techie or anything close to it?

BK: I'm a very selective techie - I'm good with the three to four software, apps or gadgets that I need. But, terrible at everything else.


So, share with us what are the three gadgets you must have with you no matter what.

BK: My MIDI Controller (with laptop), my camera, my phone. Wait, that's four - I cheated.


How about apps? Do have any that you use most often and rely on heavily?

BK: 1. VSCOcam - It's one of the most intuitive, aesthetically pleasing photo-editing apps out there. I've used it for ages and have stocked up a healthy stash of downloaded filters.

2. Spotify - As a musician and music-lover, you need to feed the soul. Spotify's immense catalogue and playlist selection is too killer to resist.

3. Snapchat - the latest giant in social media platforms. You get to upload short-lived snippets of your life, and not have to worry about the permanence of Twitter or Instagram. Plus, its "Discover" section is slowly bringing general education to the youth of today without them even knowing.


Although you say that you are a selective techie, we are pretty sure you are quite the heavy Smartphone user, especially with social media. We want to know if you have ever gone on a Smartphone deprivation and would you do it again?

BK: Only in my time in the army. That was easy because you're already disconnected from your social life, so there isn't a great loss there. I think if I were to lose the smartphone lifestyle today, it might take me a couple of weeks and a straightjacket.


Lastly, do you think technology has changed your life, the way you now live and even interact with your fans?

BK: Without a doubt. Millions of people make a living through it, everyone relies on it as a second consciousness.


Click here to catch Benjamin in action on Storm Bytes, a mini-series commissioned by Tech Storm!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / April 13, 2015 5:00PM GMT+8


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