Billion Dollar Making Women Who Went Global

International Women's Day Special

The annual International Women’s Day (IWD) celebratory event organised by SCCCI-CWG was held on 4 March at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore, with Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office & Second Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Home Affairs and Special Guest Ms Sim Ann Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry gracing the event. Themed “She is Global”, the conference was centred around opportunities, challenges, and success factors needed for women to stand out in today’s competitive global landscape. Tech Storm is proud to be their Official Media Partner for this high profile, prestigious event.

With more than 600 professional and business women from various countries and business sectors joining the event this year, this flagship event serves as a huge platform to bring together career women from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and forge strong networks with one another.

To kick off the event, Roland Ng, President of SCCCI, gave an opening speech before Guest-of-Honour Josephine Teo shared a new initiative of enhanced work-life grant, urging the present group of entrepreneurs and business representatives to take up the grant.

This was followed by a discussion with Michelle Yeoh. She shared how she was the ambassador for three out of the seventeen United Nations (UN) sustainability goals - eradicate poverty, gender equality, and road safety - and how eradication of poverty and gender equality are closely linked. She then mentioned how thankful she was for not experiencing any form of ill-treatment during the course of her career, and spoke on how her latest movie “Crazy Rich Asians” is a must-watch. She ended with an empowering piece of advice for all young women: to be happy inside, and not wait for others to make them happy.

Moving on, Goh Swee Chen (Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore) spilled her secrets on how she succeeded in a male-dominated industry: she was never conscious about her gender in work, and was very resilient in working towards her goal, while Shinta Widjaja Kamdani (Chief Executive Officer, Sintesa Group) gave us personal insights on how she overcame the difficulties as a triple minority (woman, Chinese, non-muslim) to rise up the ranks and succeed. Even then, she still shared her struggles of juggling between her business and family.

Finally, the main attraction: a panel discussion moderated by Claire Chiang (Co-Founder, Banyan Tree Holdings) that featured Denise Peng (Serial Entrepreneur; Former COO of; Venture Partner, GGV Capital), Jacqueline Poh (Chief Executive, GovTech Singapore), Ruby Teo (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stalford Education Holdings), Tan Hooi Ling (Co-Founder, Grab). It certainly did not disappoint: the main highlight was when all four spoke of their anchors that helped them to be successful, which consisted of many relevant points for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jacqueline believed that her work encompasses doing something bigger than herself which motivates and gives her the positive mindset to believe that technology can bring about positive change for the future generations of Singaporeans.

Hooi Ling brought out the “4Hs” on which Grab was built upon — Hunger, Honour, Heart, Humility. One needs the passion to persevere on amidst challenges, the honour to be ethical, the heart to do things for the right reason, and the humility to learn everyday.

Denise shared how working with like-minded people to get the job done helped her tremendously in her professional growth.

Ruby’s determination and fear of failures and disappointments brought out the best in her in overcoming challenges and breaking new barriers.

To wrap up the event, Denise gave us a parting thought: Do not sacrifice today to compromise tomorrow, do what you want today. Indeed, do not regret having done something, and go out there to pursue your dreams!

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By Jesse Tan/6 March 2018 15:00 Singapore