Bring It On Spotify, Guvera Is Out To Play!

This is not just another music streaming service but one that wants to connect you with your local indie music scene

Guvera is a music streaming service hailing from Australia, which wants to connect you better with both local and international music, is now in Singapore and 19 other countries. Although Guvera might seem like a new music streaming service, they have been around since 2008 to solve the problem of rampant illegal music download.

Its mobile application works similar to that of Spotify, a simple interface that allows you to browse through playlists or find particular songs to listen to. While most music lovers listen to their personal playlist of songs from international artists, Guvera offers a unique difference by uncovering local indie music artists and giving them an opportunity to connect with mainstream music lovers. 

Guvera is not just a music streaming mobile application, it also has a few other arms. This includes Fradio, a personalised radio station where regular music enthusiasts become their own deejay and have their own digital radio show and House of Guvera, where exclusive behind the scenes footage of your favourite artists are shared.

In a bid to know Guvera a little better, we spoke to Ananya Amin, Guvera’s Head of Business Development – Asia to get some answers.


Could you tell us what are the driving forces behind Guvera?

AA: Guvera was developed in 2008 in response to the mass consumption of illegal music online. Guvera provides consumers with a legal way to access music online and on their mobile devices, whilst giving royalties to the artists and record labels responsible for producing it.

Consumers can also start stations based on their favourite artist or song as well as manage and share their own playlists. The integrated social features enable users to follow friends and celebrities on Guvera, and access their playlists.


So, how does Guvera differ from its competitors like Spotify?

AA: Unlike traditional music streaming services, Guvera has been designed and built for emerging markets with a focus on connecting fans with artists through the use of brands. Advertising is not an afterthought but intrinsically related to how the company rewards musicians on the platform. Guvera enables fans to enjoy their legal music with the aid of the best brands.

As such Guvera was built with brands at the centre of the experience resulting in what is now known as a Branded Channel. These are key to music discovery and complement the user with both music and unique exclusive branded content.

The application also has been designed to support low data mobile networks and has a bespoke advance buffering technology built directly into the application to avoid additional data charges when roaming.

So in which country can we get our hands on Guvera?

AA:Guvera has rapidly expanded its global footprint from 2 to 20 countries in just over a year, and has grown its user base to more than 15 million users worldwide. Guvera is delivering the most relevant yet diverse international and local content, playlists and artists to over 7.5 million users across Asia. Guvera is currently live in 20 international markets including Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Philippines and Indonesia to mention a few.


What else is Guvera up to aside from music streaming and where are they available at?

AA: Beyond Guvera Music, the company has grown and expanded its suite of services over the years, and is now a committed integrated music and entertainment solutions company.

Since launching House of Guvera as the content division of Guvera, the company has worked with more than 140 artists on various projects in 15 countries, with a collective social media reach of over 60 million fans. House of Guvera offers curation and creation of original content, to create deeper more engaging experiences on the Guvera streaming platform. Guvera and its clients create “branded channels” which are branded environments that house curated music, film and content that reflects the brand’s personality.

As part of Guvera’s initiative to “Support Local Artists”, the company recently paired Vietnamese duo PB Nation with Singapore artist Mark Bonafide, to produce a unique track with a mix of RnB, soul and deep house influence. The track O.M.E.M. was officially released on Guvera Singapore and Vietnam in July 2015.

Do you feel that Fradio will be a music streaming game changer? How and why?

AA: Fradio gives Guvera another entry point into the more fiercely competitive streaming industry in developed markets, by offering a differentiated experience. Fradio allows users to not only create their own playlists, but to broadcast them live, in real-time to listeners. Users are able to introduce the tracks or chat with fans by softening the music in the background for a DJ-like experience.

This new application offers users another means of engaging with fans, which the company will eventually monetise the feature in future, giving artists access to a different kind of revenue sharing deal. The company sees this as a real opportunity for rewarding artists. There has been a lot of talk about how music streaming services are not providing enough value to artists, and this new application forms part of our larger strategy in addressing the issue of payments to artists.

Fradio is currently live in Australia and the USA only.


What can we expect from Guvera in say the next three years?

AA: Singapore is a key region for us and we look forward to be on every music listener’s smartphone and cultivate strong relationships between brands, artists, music and users in a seamless manner.


For more information about Guvera, check them out here.



By Geralyne Kaye / October 19, 2015 17:50PM GMT+8 Singapore


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