Courier With A Cause

This new Singaporean start-up wants to be the Uber for your packages

Need a package to be sent in a jiffy but can’t quite find a reliable courier to get it picked up and delivered within the next couple of hours? That’s the issue that this courier start-up,  FastFast aims to solve. ‘Almost every courier company will reject last minute deliveries, or charge crazy amounts and term such requests as express service,’ said Co-Founder Adrian Ng.

The idea for FastFast first came to Ng and his three other co-founders Axton Salim, Julian Low and Elim Chew who is a well-known Singapore based entrepreneur and social innovator, late last year when they were discussing issues they faced with last minute courier deliveries over beer. ‘We were wondering why can’t couriers be instant, just like how we would call or use a mobile application to book a cab when we need one. We do not call a cab company 3 hours in advance to pre-book a cab,’ said Ng.

FastFast is an easy to navigate mobile application courier that is available for both Android and iOS users. It positions itself as an easy to use, on-demand courier service supported by hired and community drivers – which takes away the stress in pre-booking or trying to find a courier at short notice. This unique approach to have community drivers as part of the delivery team allows FastFast to operate at any time of the day and respond quickly to urgent requests.

Aside from an increase in operational efficiency, the mobile application allows community drivers who are looking to earn an additional income. ‘Individuals can now take up the opportunity to be their own boss and run their own delivery business,’ said Ng – hence, Uber for your packages.

As FastFast is a mobile application, there is no longer the need to call a courier that often go unanswered. The mobile application is really easy to operate, just five simple steps to find a courier and get your package sent. Simply choose your delivery type, input details of where and who the package is going to, find a driver, get a price quote and lastly confirm the order. All packages are delivered within 90 minutes and you will be able track your parcel when it is being delivered.

‘When we call them, they respond immediately whether it is via a call or email. The service is efficient and reasonably priced,’ said Yanah, a FastFast user.



By Geralyne Kaye / October 9, 2015 17:30PM GMT+8 Singapore


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