Fancy A Drone Serving Your Beer?

Just like in a Jetson’s movie!

Drone companies from all over the world are diversifying the use of these high flying gadget toys and changing its image from a military machine to a consumer friendly gadget. Drone maestro DJI is looking to use drones for forest surveillance, while Amazon sets its sights sky high with using drones for parcel deliveries.

Infinium Robotic’s latest invention, the Infinium-Serve is no different. It is a drone that serves food and drinks to customers at a restaurant. With this waiter drone, it aims to lessen the manpower needed to operate a restaurant and in this way aid the tight manpower crunch that the Food and Beverage industry in Singapore has been facing. With a team of passionate roboticists led by CEO Junyang Woon, it has teamed up with holistic music lifestyle company, Timbre to test and implement the drone at its outlets; starting with Timbre at the Substation.

We find out more about Inifinium Robotics’s from CEO Junyang Woon and what to expect in the coming months. 



We have heard of drones used for surveillance and delivery, but what lead you to invent the waiter-drone?

JY: The waiter-drone was purposefully invented by our engineers. Singapore’s manpower shortage sparked the invention. Singapore is a fast paced country which places great emphasis on productivity enhancement. In recent years, Singapore has faced an acute manpower shortage, due to tighter immigration and foreign worker policy. As the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is one of the most labour-intensive industry, we decided that that was where we would start to introduce autonomous robots to improve productivity.

With these drones in restaurants helps to take away the mundane tasks in the F&B sector by doing all repetitive and exhaustive kitchen to dining area runs. Therefore, enabling the human waiters to focus more on interacting with the customers.


Who founded the team?

JY: The Company was founded in 2013 by passionate roboticists led by myself.


What do you and your team ultimately aim achieve?

JY: The team and I aim to provide UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) that help to enhance productivity and therefore make life better for everyone. Our emphasis is based on ‘UASs for Good’ and this ensures that all of their creations are defined by this. 



Having achieved so many accomplishments, were any instances where the company faced a major setback?

JY: The worst setback to date was during the early phase, when we had no Research and Development (R&D) progress for two to three weeks; due to some technical challenges. We were worried that this would set us back slightly. However, we overcame the technical barriers and have since made significant progress.


With every low there must also be a high. Could you share with us what was the most triumphant milestone to date?

JY: The most triumphant milestone was when we witnessed the waiter drone in action at the Timbre outlet, during our trials. Another significant milestone was when we were able to ‘serve’ Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong a flag of Singapore at the National Productivity Month (NPM) Event 2014.


The drone industry developing at such a fast pace, what can we expect from your company in the coming months?

JY: We will be conducting indoor and outdoor drone performances for clients all around the world as well as developing outdoor food delivery drones.


Click  here to watch celebrity host Erin Lim get her beer served by a drone!



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / March 24, 2015 5:30PM GMT+8


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