Flickr Me This!

It is about time they upgraded their site

If you haven’t already notice, Yahoo has released a major revamp to Flickr for both its mobile and desktop versions. For those that do not know who or what Flickr is, it is like an image bank where it helps you store and mange a lifetime’s worth of captured memories.

These updates include a more intelligent search tool and a bunch of other features that makes it easier for you to organize your images (the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in all of us can finally take a chill pill), share photos and videos across devices.


So here are the three things that Flickr has revamped:

1. Uploading of Images Now a Breeze With Uploadr (this is not a spelling error)

How about half a million images while we are at it? With Yahoo’s new Uploadr for Mac and Windows computers or the Auto- Uploadr for mobile devices, this is now a possibility! Photos and videos that are currently on the device or newly captured will be automatically uploaded and marked as private. For those worrying about duplicated images – Well, they get removed automatically.

2.Magic Up in the Clouds

With the new dynamic Magic View feature you can now organize images automatically across 60 categories that include landscape, animals, portraits, etc. In addition to that you can now download photos or videos in bulk and share them via link, email, Instagram, Facebook and more with just one swipe. We think that this is the feature works best for avid photographers and those who tend to document their wanderlust holiday trips!


3.A Search That Actually Works

With Flickr’s revamped search technology, you can easily search for images of specific items or places and search by holiday, dates or location. The new search fiters are also pretty cool as you can filter images by colour, size or orientation.

If 1,000GB of cloud memory and uploading of images directly from your mobile device still doesn’t interest you, there are a few other picture cloud sharing sites like Picasa, Photobucket and ImageShack that are pretty awesome too! 



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / May 11, 2015 4:50PM GMT+8


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