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The Future Leaders Summit (FLS) 2015 aims to equip Singaporeans with enough skills to be future-ready

The FLS 2015 is an annual one-day event organised by the National Trade Union Council (NTUC) of Singapore. This event focuses on equipping Singapore’s Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) with relevant soft-skills and knowledge to encourage leadership and innovation. This year, the third FLS 2015 took place on the 24 th July to a fully packed auditorium with many still in the registration queue.

This year the FLS 2015 is divided up into three tiers to better provide a holistic experience for Singapore’s PMEs to learn based on their personal interest. The first tier being Future Leaders Summit, followed by Future Leaders Series and Future Leaders Mentorship Sessions.

The first tier being Future Leaders Summit is a conference that gathers industry experts together at one place. Keynote speakers like Adam Khoo (co-founder of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group), Chua Sock Koong (Group CEO of Singapore Telecommunications Limited) and Darius Cheung (CEO of 99.co) shared their experience and perspective on the current challenges and trends in the market.

The second tier, Future Leaders Series is an industry specific dialogue sessions where the speeches will be divided into three different tracks. These three tracks include Industry Leaders, Inspiration and Technology that cover topics like leadership, sustaining relevance in a fluctuating economic landscape and entrepreneurship in the ever change tech environment.

Lastly, the third tier is the Future Leaders Mentorship Sessions. The sessions were conducted in small groups by industry experts that encourage more honest and open sharing – Participants in turn get better personalised advice from these industry experts.


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By Geralyne Kaye Ong / July 27, 2015 3:40 PM GMT+8


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