Futuristic Car That Will Make You Drool

Nissan has just unveiled how serious they are about developing a fully Autonomous Vehicle (AV)

It is sleek, beautifully crafted and more importantly it looks and is made to function like a car right out of Tron or The Jetsons. During the annual Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Nissan unveiled its solution to AV and Electric Vehicles (EV) – the IDS Concept car.

Rewind to the year 2013, when the term AV was less heard. Nissan made the bold statement that they were going to invent an AV system and implement it to some of its vehicles by the year 2020. With the IDS Concept car, it seems like a statement that it is making good head way to the aforementioned ultimate goal.

"By the time Nissan Intelligent Driving technology is available on production cars, EVs will be able to go great distances on a single charge. Getting to this point will, of course, require the further evolution of batteries, but aerodynamic performance is also very important. We incorporated our most advanced aerodynamic technology in the design of the Nissan IDS Concept," said Mitsunori Morita, Nissan’s Design Director. 

Most think of AVs as cars that fetch you from one place to another, but there is so much more to it than that. There would be two modes of control for the IDS Concept car, there is obviously the Piloted Drive mode when the car maneuvers itself with the help of sensors and lasers. What is really interesting is that Nissan claims that the A.I. installed will learn and imitate the driver’s driving style. This means, if you brake relatively hard or take sharp turns, the IDS Concept car will mimic that when it goes into Piloted Drive.

Then there is the manual mode where the driver has full control of the vehicle. However, the one major difference is that even though the driver has full control, the A.I. installed in the car will take over controls to maneuver you to safety if it senses imminent danger. It might seem like a drastic measure, but accident rates due to human error is more than 90%.

Aside from the AV feature in its future cars, Nissan also wants to make them environmentally friendly. Nissan envisions its EVs to not produce any CO2 emissions and the in-built batteries would be able to store energy from renewable sources. Nissan’s ultimate goal is to introduce a sustainable energy plan that has no carbon footprint or end emissions.


So if you are both a techy and a car enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled. Ready or not AVs are becoming a reality and will be fully integrated in our lives within the next decade or less.



By Geralyne Kaye / November 6, 2015 10:50AM GMT+8


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