Getting Swarmed By a Hive of Drones

Imagine what will happen if you have the ability to deploy not one drone but literally a swarm of fully autonomous drones all from one single base station, almost like a hive of bees on the move. That is exactly what SwarmX a company founded by Pulkit Jaiswal is doing. Jaiswal is one of the TR35 innovators at EmTech Asia held in Singapore. We caught up with him for his crystal ball reading on what our world will be like in 2030.

TS: Tell us what do you think the year 2030 will look like?

PJ: The year 2030 will definitely be a year where there is going to be robots everywhere and robots will automate almost all blue collar work especially anything that involves manual work will be taken care of by robots. That is my vision of 2030.

Pulkit Jaiswal, Founder & CEO of Swarmx

TS: Can you tell us what are you attempting to achieve with SwarmX?

PJ: With SwarmX we are bringing to the world fully autonomous drones. Right now drones are extremely manual even though they are futuristic drones but they still require a team of people to operate. What we are trying to do is make drones fully automated including the recharging, landing, data transfer all at one go using the product call the Hive.

By Jason Tan / January 26, 2016 10:21PM GMT+8 Singapore

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