Goodbye Personal Trainers, Hello Jabra!

If cross training and being an absolute gym rat is the name of your game, then you have got to check out this Jabra headset

Burpees, lunges, squats and planks. If any of these back-breaking (quite literally) exercises ring more than a bell, or if you have a slight obsession on them at the gym, this gadget is for you. The latest intelligent gadget from Jabra named Sport Coach Wireless, is a wireless headset (duh) that doubles up as your cross training buddy, giving you that additional motivation to push yourself to new limits.

For those who have not heard of Jabra, they are internationally known to produce innovative and well, fancy headsets. You may know them more for their pretty awesome range of mobile hands-free devices.

Embracing the current international trend for cross training, the Sport Coach is built to meet the specific needs of cross training enthusiasts. With this you can customise workouts based on over 40 different exercises to help meet your fitness goals.

The Sport Coach comes with a companion mobile application that helps you with the planning, tracking and analyse your progress. You are able to either set it for time or repetition based training. If set for repetition based training, the Sport Coach will coach you to the next exercise with a simple tap after you have completed your set number of repetitions. Additionally, if you have set the program to time based training, Sport Coach will coach you to progress with the next exercise once the time is up – So you don’t have to continuously check your Smartphone after every set.

Instead of just indoor cross training the Sport Coach can also be used when out for a run. The integrated TrackFit TM motion sensor is able to give you detailed insights on your running pace, distance, step count, cadence and even calories with every set or circuit done! Pretty nifty ey?

You might have noticed that the earpiece is uniquely designed and shaped. Well, according to Jabra this is to prevent it from falling out during exercise even under extreme intensity - So that you can concentrate on training without hassle. Did we mention that the Sports Coach is able to last for up to 5.5 hours on a single charge and is weatherproof? Run or shine, this little gadget will always be ready for use.

However, there is one slight problem that we foresee many may face. This gadget only works when a Smartphone is connected to the headset. Meaning that you got to keep your Smartphone close by when clocking your workout routine. Which brings us to another point that, with your two hands pre-occupied at the gym where would your Smartphone go? Not everyone has a pocket big enough for it. 


The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless is now available and retails for SG$248 in three colours (blue, yellow and red).

If cross training is not up your alley and running is more your kind of thing, check out our review on Sony’s Smart B-Trainer here.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / July 8, 2015 5:00PM GMT+8


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