Honey, Who Shrunk The Camera?

GoPro launches its all new and extremely cute, cube shaped point-of-view camera the HERO4 Session

Move aside Polaroid CUBE and iOn SnapCam. GoPro is coming for a share of the cubic camera pie with its latest addition to its arsenal of point of view (POV) cameras, the HERO4 Session. Just take a look at how adorably cute, tiny and portable they are! So small you could put them in chest pocket.

Small but All So Powerful

Don’t let its size fool you. The HERO4 Session may be 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the HERO4 Black and Silver cameras but packed into it, is a myriad of specifications similar to the HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Some of the similar features include SuperView, Protune and Auto Low Light recording modes.

Its camera specifications include capturing images at 8MP with options for burst or time lapse photos. Aside from that, HERO4 Sessions is able to capture ultra wide videos at 1080p at 60fps, 720p at 100fps and 1440p at 30fps – Pretty neat for something so small! 

Control and Connectivity

Controlling this POV camera is also a breeze as all its functions are controlled with just one-button. This one-button control allows for pictures and videos to be captured quicker and with more ease - As compared to the rest of GoPro’s regular camera arsenal.

The HERO4 Session has in-built with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features that will allow for easy connectivity to GoPro’s mobile application. So you can now view, post and share images on your social media sites whenever you fancy and with ease. Aside from just sharing images, you are able to use the mobile application to adjust the HERO4 Session’s settings like video resolution, frame rate, etc.

Unique Traits

You might think that because of its size, that the HERO4 Session will require specific mounts. Well, that’s not the case. Thanks to its sleek frame mounting system, the HERO4 Session is compatible with existing GoPro mounts and accessories.

GoPro cameras are known for their ruggedness and waterproof capabilities, the HERO4 Session is no exception. However, HERO4 Session goes one step further and is waterproof of up to 10m in depth with no separate housing required - All other GoPro cameras would require a specific waterproof casing. So now, you can bring your HERO4 Session out without the bulkiness of any added weight to the beach and not be afraid that it would go for a swim.


If the HERO4 Session’s size and specifications doesn’t wow you and you prefer something a little more ‘GoPro-ish’, check out the HERO+ LCD here.

The HERO4 Session is now availableand retails for SG$590.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / July 14, 2015 5:30PM GMT+8


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