How Do You Lose All Your Friends At A Go?

With the gorgeous new Samsung Gear S2, your eyes will no longer be where it is supposed to be at social functions

A technology boom could either be a social bane to some, or a glorious new world for others. For me, I would definitely fall for the latter. Samsung’s latest Smartwatch the Gear S2 is a sight to behold, with its elegant design and functionality.

Answer phone calls, receive social media notifications, reply messages (it is possible because precision is key, since it is by means of a keypad dial), measure and keep a log of your heartbeat and browse your calendar on the Gear S2, without the hassle of whipping out your Smartphone from your pocket or bag. 

This review focuses on the Gear S2 Classic version - which is the classy looking Black leather strap version. Versatile for everyday wear and yet formal enough to attend black-tie functions. It is light, with a simple design and will not cramp your wardrobe style. For around 10 days, I traded in my classic analogue watch for a Smartwatch for a first-hand experience with the Samsung Gear S2 Classic.


The Good

Up-To-Date: Being a Smartwatch, the Gear S2 gives you the latest up-to-date notifications on your wrist without having to whip out your Smartphone.

Easy Navigation And Setup: Controls and features available are not difficult to navigate if you are familiar with Android controls. Setup is pretty simple too, just a quick download of its companion mobile application and you are pretty much ready to use the Gear S2.

Sleek Design: When I was using it, no one could tell that it was a Smartwatch. Which could be a good thing for the techy-inclined who are looking for something under the radar for everyday wear. However, many around me were giving me weird looks - most likely wondering why I was constantly staring and smiling at my watch.

Battery: The battery life is pretty awesome for a Smartwatch that has a sAMOLED display. On a full charge it is able to last around 1.5 to 2 days with a little higher than average usage. 

The Bad

FoMo (Fear of Missing out): After using the Gear S2 for some time, subconsciously you will wonder why your Smartwatch is no longer notifying you of updates (in my case, my Bluetooth connection was wonky). It came to a point where I felt like I was enslaved by it, because it is only since wearing the Gear S2, have I been somewhat conditioned to constantly check for notifications – which I know is not exactly the problem of the Gear S2, but a personal one.

Leather Strap: The Smartwatch under review is the Gear S2 Classic with the Black leather strap. Although there are many options for straps, the default Black leather strap feels a little poorly made. It wrinkles up and looks set to crack if I were to be rougher when strapping it on.


Final Say

The Samsung Gear S2 serves its function of a Smartwatch rather well. Notifications from messaging, social media notifications and keeping your life in check. However, it would be good if it had an inbuilt camera (just because) and its speech control functions could do with a little tuning.

So, if you are looking for a disruptive piece of technology for your wrist that might render you friendless or be the subject of a party, this could just be it.


Availability & Prices

The Samsung Gear S2 is already on sale. The regular sporty Gear S2 comes in a Dark Gray case with Dark Grey band, or a Silver case with White band. The classic leather Gear S2 only comes in Black and retails at US$391 (SG$548).

For a more detailed look at Samsung’s new Gear S2, read all about it here.



By Geralyne Kaye / October 22, 2015 11:10AM GMT+8


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