Life's Good When Gadgets Are This Awesome

Never watch TV or listen to music the same way ever again

In LGs latest product launch, it introduces the award-winning OLED 4K TV, the luxurious 105” Curved UHD TV and its Music Flow range.


TV Sets Like No Other

Two things come to mind when you think of a TV set, firstly the resolution and secondly sound quality. LG has perfected these two traits in its latest range of OLED and UHD TV sets. Having teamed up with sound maestros Harman Kardon, expect nothing but impeccable sound quality accompanying the visual feast. In addition the already long list of specifications, most of LG’s new range are Smart TVs and have internal memory recording features so you can watch your favourite show over and over again!


65” Curved OLED 4K TV (65EC970T)

LG introduced its prized 65” Curved OLED 4K TV. Say it with me, Curved-OLED-4K-TV. There is no other TV set quite like this that combines the highest 4K resolution, 33 Mega Colour Pixels or minimal lag images quite like this. The display on the OLED is a whole new experience by itself, colours displayed are so vibrant and clear that it is as if you are looking at the physical object.

This is because, with LG’s OLED TV it is able to obtain perfect black and white colours. This translates to better colour contrasts. Just 6mm thick in profile, this maybe the slimmest TV LG has produced and maybe ever produced.

Price: P.O.A

Launch Date: April 2015

The Good: With images so clear and colours so vibrant it is difficult to not want one. It doesn’t hurt that it is so slim!

The Bad: This is going to cost needless to say.

Final Say: If you do have the space for a 65” TV set and some cash to blow, buy it! It will be worth every penny – your eyes and ears will thank you.


105” Curved UHD 5K TV (105UC9T)

Bigger may not always be better, but LG has definitely upped its game with this. When others are satisfied and still in awe with 4K resolution on their TV, LG introduces one with 5K resolution; meaning images displayed are more lifelike.

The perfect gigantic TV to bring that cinema experience home. LG has equipped the UC9T with 21:9 CineVu. This means that you are now able to frame your movies just like the cinema! This is the actual cinema format that removes the annoying black bars from the top and bottom.

Price: P.O.A.

Launch Date: April 2015

The Good: CineVu and 5K resolution

The Bad: Where am I going to find space for this beauty?

Final Say: A definite centre piece in the living room for those who have the space for it. LG really does it right with the design of the TV and its CineVu function.


Music Flow

A niffy gadget that allows music to literally stalk you from one part of your home to the other. Only difference, is that you will actually enjoy this experience.

With LG’s Range-of-Flow technology, music can now be automatically played from mobile devices. By just bringing your mobile device within one foot of the paired speaker, music playing on your mobile device will now be played on the speaker. Music Flow speakers tap on mesh network technology and Wi-Fi to give uninterrupted music enjoyment no matter where you go within the home. No more interruptions or sudden pauses to music when the signal level drops!

The range of Music Flow speakers are equipped with the Multi-room Mode that allows users to either play the same music on all speakers or different music on each speaker. You could play nursery rhymes in your toddler’s room while play jazz in the kitchen while you cook!

Price: Starting from S$179 to S$599 for the P and H series (Prices for the HS series are unavailable)

Launch Date: Already available at major electronic stores.

The Good: Music enjoyment will never be compromised again due to low signal strength when you move over a certain distance.

The Bad: My neighbours are going to hate me for having music blast in my home 24/7!

Final Say: Another gadget on the list for a fully functional Smarthome while slowly paves the way for IoT (Internet of Things).A really ingenious gadget that music lovers like myself will greatly appreciate. 



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / March 12, 2015 1:30PM GMT+8

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