Looks Familiar Doesn’t It?

If you think that the iPad Pro concept seems familiar, like you may have seen it somewhere, you aren’t wrong - because Microsoft has it

In last week’s anticipated Apple event, Apple has unveiled a professional version of its tablet named the iPad Pro. This is catered more toward those who work frequently on-the-go, rather than just leisure Internet surfing or streaming videos.

The iPad Pro even has accessory add-on options ranging from a handy detachable keyboard to the controversial Apple Pencil. Looks, functions and portable like a tablet, has a detachable keyboard and powerful enough to get some serious work accomplished. Sounds pretty neat huh?

However, this concept is not entirely new.

Microsoft has one just like it, three generations of it to be exact – Surface Pro 3. Both might look the similar externally, but they aren’t quite internally - far from similar as a matter of fact.

You will first notice the significant difference in its size. The iPad Pro has a whopping 12.9” Retina display while the Surface Pro 3 has a smaller 12” FHD display. The display on the iPad Pro is great when you are running two applications side by side.

There is also a stark difference in its operating systems and what each is capable of. The iPad Pro runs on iOS 9, which is a mobile operating system. The Surface Pro 3, runs on Windows 10 which is a full fledge computer operating system – similar to the system you may use on a desktop or laptop. This means the iPad Pro can only run mobile applications while Surface Pro 3 can run compatible computer software.

USB ports, or maybe a lack thereof. The iPad Pro does not have any in-built USB ports, which could be a big problem if you exchange documents frequently with the use of USB flash drives. The Surface Pro 3 has a USB 3.0 port and even a microSD card reader to boot.

If you are a creative that needs to draw or like the idea of having that option, both devices have just that. The Apple Pencil works similarly to the Surface Pen, except that you have to pay a whooping US$99 extra just for it, while the Surface Pen comes along with the Surface Pro 3.

Lastly, connectivity. The iPad Pro has a cellular connectivity feature that the Surface Pro 3 does not offer. This feature would be perfect for those who are also using the iPad Pro as an all-in-one device or need up-to-date information on-the-go. Which is really cool because, you no longer exactly need to bring any other device with you as long as you have the iPad Pro in hand.


Availability And Pricing

The iPad Pro will be available in November and will come in three different colours, silver, gold and space gray. It will start retailing in November at US$799 for the 32GB Wi-Fi only model and US$1079 for the Wi-Fi and Cellular 128GB model. Accessories for the iPad Pro will also be available in November with prices ranging from US$59 to US$169.

The Surface Pro 3 is already available with prices starting at US$799 for the Intel Core i3 and 4GB RAM model. Prices for Surface Pro 3’s accessories range from US$4.99 to US$129.99. ( Psst … If you are seriously considering either model, hold your horses. We hear a new Surface Pro coming out really soon.)



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / September 16, 2015 5:45PM GMT+8


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