Magic Mirror on the Wall

Samsung’s latest inventions are the fairest of them all

Samsung has done it again – Proving itself to be the one technology company not to be reckoned with. Over the last week, it has unveiled the first ever Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre.

The new Samsung Display OLED panel itself is set to be a game changer whether in terms of a business or as a personal consumer. Built with Intel® Real Sense™ technology, which allows you to control your device with simple gestures like a wave, smile or even a wink!

©Samsung. Reproduced for review only.

Put these two technologies together and you get a total holistic virtual reality experience. What this really means is that it is able to create a virtual wardrobe that can allow you to ‘try out’ clothes or other retail items from an extremely realistic perspective – Making the entire shopping experience more visually engaging.

With the Samsung’s Mirror Display coupled with virtual reality technology, we can all see ourselves wearing selected clothing, shoes or jewellery that we might wish to purchase. So think about this, won’t it be awesome to get be trying out more than 20 pieces of clothes without actually changing into them?

Get ready to start seeing this piece of cutting-edge technology almost everywhere. Samsung is looking at introducing these Mirror OLED panels to home owners who want a piece of the action - Samsung looks to replace home mirrors in the future with its Mirror Display.

©Samsung. Reproduced for review only.

Just like the Mirror Display, the Transparent Display will be able to detect gesture and will feature voice control of the Real Sense™ 3D-rotatable viewing system. So watch out! Samsung is looking to reinvent the way that you interact with advertisements and signage in the really near future.



By Geralyne Kaye Ong / June 17, 2015 5:56PM GMT+8


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