Meet This Tron-Like Gadget That Will Rock Your World

The Hoverboard is a futuristic personal urban mobility gadget so out of this world, that it will make you weak in your knees

Move aside electric scooters, unicycles and bicycles because the Hoverboard is here. Think electric, skateboard, unicycle, surfing, LED lights and a maximum speed of 25.7km/h (16/mph) all-in-one. Although it isn’t truly a hoverboard like those in Sci-Fi films, you have got to give it credit that it does come extremely close to looking like one. 


The Hoverboard is made to both look cool and provide a safe ride to your destination. It uses Gyro-stabilization technology to sense your movements, which will help you navigate your board. The Hoverboard has a maximum range of 16.1km/h (10 mph), top speed of 25.8km/h (16 mph), weighs 11.3kg (25lbs) and its base frame is made of magnesium for extra durability. What is really interesting is that a single full charge only takes 16 minutes, that’s 1.6km worth of battery per minute charged.

The main controls for the Hoverboard are controlled by its handy dandy companion mobile application. In short, the application acts as your ‘car keys’, control panel and distance counter. It will allow you to activate your Hoverboard, check its battery life, even set speed limits, gives you insights to your riding history, anti-theft protection, tailor the colour of your LED lights to your fancy and play your favourite music via Bluetooth while on-the-go.



It doesn’t only look cool now, but it will remain looking cool for as long as you want it to. The Hoverboard is modular designed, meanings that you can upgrade your Hoverboard as and when you want since it can be broken down part by part and easily replaced. Making this truly future-proof and in the same way, chances of wasting time at a repair centre is almost close to zero.

The Hoverboard keeps ‘hovering in mid-air’ thanks to the special in-built ground-sensing sonar. Similar to an underwater sonar, it sends sonar pings to the ground in order to measure the distance between each end of the board to the ground under it.


Don’t expect this futuristic skateboard to come anything near cheap. The Hoverboard has just started their Kickstarter campaign with prices starting at US$3775 (including worldwide shipping) and estimated delivery date is set at July 2016.

Overall, there really isn’t much to dislike about the Hoverboard. Think about it, it is a HOVERBOARD that requires minimal professional balancing acts and it helps enhance personal mobility without breaking a sweat in the process - making the Hoverboard an actual contender in the realm of personal mobility solutions. Don’t you agree?



By Geralyne Kaye / October 7, 2015 13:45PM GMT+8 Singapore


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